Monday, July 10, 2006

Blog moved, Blog added,....

There are a lot of bloggers who have moved from Blogger  to WordPress  and to some other sites too like Serendipity. Tim Hall, Doug Burns are just a few to name. Well I do have  my own replica WordPress blog which goes along with  my Blogger's blog . The latest move which I forgot to update in my blogs and my Tripod web site was of Pete Scott's blog.  Earlier it was on Blogger   but now its on WordPress . Well I must say that the new home is much better looking and nice. The only problem with the changing homes is that one has to constantly update their favorite links all the time but if you really like a particular blog/site than this much effort is not a very big deal :-).
PS:  I have added another blog on my favorite list.  Its the first blog that I have added which is completely about Solaris and is managed by  a Solaris veteran for his entire career. The blog is from Mike and is named as Mike's Solaris blog . Looks interesting. Have a read.


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