Monday, July 10, 2006

Finished blog reading with MetaBlog....

As you know that I was travelling so I coulnt catch up with my favorite blogs.I just finished all today.Wow!!There was alot that happened when I wasnt around.But I managed to come along with all I guess :-).
About almost year and half ago,when I first started reading blogs, Tom Kyte's blog  was the first one which I read.Since then the list is growing continously. I had always used the Blog list of Tom's only to read my favorite ones ( leaving those which I dont read).Then Tom felt that list is just too long to maintain and it was a pain to modify the tempelate and republish the  entire blog.So now there is a "metablog" which has a complete list of the favorite blogs of mine.A little indirect way but still its ok :-).


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