Friday, July 21, 2006

Back to home....

And tired!Yes I came back from my assignment last morning.There were couple of things that happened on this trip.Good or bad?Well I cant say exactly good or bad about all of them, yes some were really good that's for sure.I shall tell about them just after a while. How did the assignment job go? Yes one of the most important and best things that happened was that my assignment went well. I came back smiling and left smiles on the faces of all too who were associated with it.
So all of you who are regular here, they know this that I left on 13th of this month. Well I have to go to Delhi coz from there only one can catch the flight, either domestic or international. So my flight was from Sahara Airlines, supposed to fly at 19:50pm. Ok I was there at the airport at around 18:00pm.So far good. Well did the check in and all that and I was there at the waiting room. There were couple of other passengers there too going with me to Hyderabad. Time was coming nearer but there was nothing from the ground staff about the flight whether it was going to fly or not?Anyway sitting there on a couch,waiting endlessly, I met Rajan, another fellow passenger like me, going from Delhi to Hyderabad. We started talking and I asked him a lot about the best places to visit in Hyderabad as he was basically from Hyderabad but now is working in Delhi in an automobile company as marketing manager. He told me to visit, CharMinar, Golkunda Fort, for food, a nice restaurent, AnaPurna( I yet to go there) and pearl shops. Time was passing in this chit-chat and we were talking about unexpected flight delays in India and abroad when it comes to domestic flights.As we were talking this, we came to know that its already 21:15pm and nothing was there from the staff. Well one another passenger lost his temper and made a desperate but angry call to the airline and finally asked what is happening? So we came to know that tyres of the plane needed to be chnaged so we have to wait a little more.What could we do?Well we were requested to have tea/coffee.We had with this question in our minds that at dinner time, who is realling asking for tea?Well we had to have that only which was available.So after all the wait, when everything was done, finally the flight took off at 22:30pm!Cool isnt it?Well not so much if you ask a fair and honest opinion.Got back at guesthouse, had my dinner at about 1:30am than forced myself to sleep as i was supposed to report next morning in the office. This is how it was started.Well it went well at the end and thats the best part of the trip.Hmm one of the best part I must say.This time, I got a new friend, Fazal.What a nice guy!! Extremely intelligent, sensible and caring. Truely a gem with a heart of gold.Thats the second thing that happened with me on this trip.
So everything got finished and I had to get back to home.I was at the airport.Rushed from office, took the cab and was there at 18:00pm, exactly one hour before the "scheduled" time of 19:10, Indian!Alrite so I was hungry, bought a coke can, a sandwitch.I dropped the sandwitch :-(.Ok so I was left with can.Sure I could go and buy another but I got a  call in between from my friend Amandeep who got here in India from London just 2 days ago. He is going to get engaged so this trip is really special for him and for me too. So I talked with Amandeep for good 30 minutes, dicussing everything from weather of London, Hyderabad, current news, ofcourse about his fiance and also he asked me when I am going to get married and got the same answer from me, not yet ,not soon and dont know!Well I was finished I saw the time, it was 18:45pm.What happened?I was supposed to be in the plane but I was on the airport still.No not again please!But as they say what is decided will happen,doesnt matter what anyone says/wishes.Flight got delayed by 30 minutes.Alrite, I can live with that much wait. Started moving around.There is always something that happens in front of you to amaze you, make you smile. In this process, just when 30 minutes were about to over, we got an announcement, flight is going to be delayed for another 60 minutes coz the connecting flight has not come yet from Bombay.Dont tell me this now please!Well I was back on the seat in the waiting room.Had no idea what to do.Just one thing was left to do so started it.Thinking abstract things.Dont know where 60 minutes flew away.We were in the plane atleast now at 20.30.
Well without any heart breaking news from pilot, flight took off well and safely. Air hostess were nice and friendly, I just had to ask for my cotton buds for mere 3 times :-).Food was as it was supposed to be.You must remember one good proverb  always for eating it, hunger is the best sauce ;-).So it really didnt matter how it was!Well we were supposed to land by 22.40 but we got the news that there is no landing space available and to make things worst, there were 22 more planes in the line in front of us.So we now had to wait.This wait means another one and half hour in the sky.Great what else I could ask for?Why they didnt ask me that I had to take a bus after this flight to my home which would take another 7 hours to get me there?Well no one asked and cared about it so I just could sit and wait for the plane to land.It landed, I collected my baggage, took the cab and left for bus stand.I was supposed to be there in 20 minutes but my cab driver was in the mood of making me seeing Delhi so he took 45 minutes to get me there.So finally I was there at bus stand, took the bus( which luckily was ready to leave when I got there) at 1:00am.I got here in Ludhiana at about 7:15am, took an auto and got back home.Finally I was at home, one piece.Was I tired?Hmm did I mention that I didnt sleep at all in all this?Well I was tired or not is not a good question to ask isnt it?Let me rephrase it a little.How much tired was I?Sounds more appropriate isnt it :-).Well I got back, Amandeep called.I had to go shopping with him, collect some of my documents from city so I just had my bath and left again.Sleep, rest?What do these mean?
Alrite so now everything is finished( I guess so) so I shall sleep now for some time and take some rest .I cant have a full day sleep as I have to study and there is some more work to do.I have some very interesing topic to discuss which shall be the next part of  the Love, some fold unfolded series.Come back for it, I shall discuss something which is very common to happen in a relation but not very pleasent for most of the people.
PS: I am listening "Oh Rutan wangu badal gaye".I shall explain the meaning of it in my next blog, about which I mentioned just now.


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