Monday, July 10, 2006

Bloglines,Qumana and Venom....

If you are thinking I am going to use some Alien language,no that's not the case here :-). I am going to share something which can be helpful if you read and write blog like me and then my views about a movie,yes Venom is the name of a movie.
There are times when we get hooked to a lot of  blogs and its not easy to cope up with all of them to find out the new enteries.Surely you  can subscribe with the RSS feeds on FireFox and Opera but what about when you would leave your desktop and would be traveling?What about when you have to reinstall the operating system and also your browsers? Would be a problem isn't it?So here is something which can be useful for you.Bloglines is an online feed management portal which takes care of the latest entries on your favorite blogs and would let you know how many new posts are there which you have missed since you last visited them.  Not just the blogs but also it can also take care of your favorite News, Comics, Email Newsletters too. It also saves you from entering the RSS feeds every time on a new install and moreover as its online so its with you wherever you would go.  Very handy and very helpful!If you are not able to find the RSS feed for your favorite blog/newsletter, than have a look at which can convert any web page into an RSS feed on the fly.
If you like to write blogs like me, than give Qumana  a try.  Its the blog editor I am using since the first time I started writing my blog.  Its simple, its neat and its very easy to use. The interface is very easy to use. I know there are so many other blog editing softwares too but this is something which I like and use.  So thought would share with you all.
Alrite so Bloglines is done and so is Qumana.  So now we are left with Venom . I saw this movie last night. Its an horror movie ( well as they say it is in the promos and description of it) but I really couldn't convince myself that I am really watching a horror movie.  Though there was a lot of crying, shouting, people running around all over the places with a lot of blood but still that part, horror was missing. Infact it missed a very important part which is must for a movie to have.  What it is? Story :-).I couldn't understand that what was the story all about and why anyone would want to make a movie on such a story on which this movie was based? I really want to tell you the story but I have no idea from where to start and where to finish?Let me think one more time.Phew!!No I gave up. Fearless from Jet Li is the next in the list. Based on the reviews  from Tim Hall, it would be a good movie. If you see it before me, do let me know your views too.


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