Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oracle Docs, Everyone is invited....

Oracle Documentation is among the most useful and most popular resource for anyone who wants to learn the know-hows of Oracle Database.  The importance of its can be judged from a quote from world's leading Oracle expert Tom Kyte,"If you read and retain just 10% of Oracle Documentation, you will know more than 90% of the people around you." Earlier  for the access of  documentation, OTN was the first place to go as it was a must to have a valid OTN username and password to access docs.  Now the most prominent question you would ask that what's the big deal in it? After all its just a username and password that one has to remember and it takes less than 5 minutes to create a new account.  But sadly some of us are not that patient even!
So now from now, Oracle's documentation is made accessible to public and everyone is invited to come and access it.  The earlier requirement of OTN membership has now been removed and moreover, Oracle has come up with a new Oracle Search Site which gives a very simple interface to search anything from various Oracle resources like Oracle docs, OTN etc.  Needless to say that it will create a huge impact for all those who earlier were reluctant to use docs just for the sake of creating a new account and remembering one more username/password and this step will surely increase the popularity of docs among the Oracle community.
PS: I have added this site to my favorite lists also.  Check out the links for the specific url.


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