Saturday, July 08, 2006

I am BACK!!!

After 15 days of absence,I am back!Alrite so now I would tell where I was?Was waiting to know is it:-)?I was in Hyderabad for a training assignment.  I wont disclose the name of the company for whom I undertook this training assignment of 10G SQL and Pl/SQL.But I can surely tell you that its one of the biggest and best IT firms in the world and definitely one of the top 10,Fortune 500 companies.  Sounds exciting isn't it?Well I was really very excited too when I got the news that I am selected.  But with excitement,there was a huge pressure too that everything must went well and nothing unwanted must happen.  Thanks to the wishes of my nears and dears,nothing like that happened and everything went like a breeze.  Flights were ok too and so was the weather over there.  Its really really hot over here in North,especially in my city with the temperature touching 45 degrees but over there in Hyderabad,it was constantly 25 degrees with no humidity and pours of rain.

The guest house where I stayed that area is called Jubilee Hills.  I was amazed to know that this is the area where all the top movie actors and actresses have their villas too and is one of the most costliest and posh areas of Hyderabad.Staff was nice and friendly.  Sadly we didn't have much choice for the food but somehow we managed.  I tasted the south Indian dishes a lot and luckily for me,I liked all of them very much too.
My classroom in the campus of that company where I gave training.  It was huge with the finest state of the art pcs from Compaq.
I was there with another trainer whom I know now for more than 5 years.  We both are from the same city and having same nature and taste for the things too.  So we decided to explore the surrounding around us a little and in that,we went to see Golkunda Fort,which is there in Hyderabad from more than 1000 years.Truely an amazing piece of architecture.  Have a look at it in the link of the Flickr given above.
In all this learning and training process,I did learn something too which I never knew uptil now.  What is it?I learned to play Billiards.  I never played it before but my manager pushed me so hard and finally handed the stick to me and ordered that I must learn to play it.  Well it took me 3 days to get hold of the stick and started playing some shots but I am started.  And the last day of my stay,I was 2nd in the game.  If you would see my name in the upcoming Billiard championships news ,don't be surprised at all ;-).
So this is end of the suspense that where I was.  I did miss reading my favorite blogs and most importantly visiting my favorite sites and my email.  I shall try to cover all what I missed in these days now.  Hope all of you had a lot of fun and enjoyed yourself so much.  I have so many thoughts about which I would blog in the coming days.  So keep coming back here.  Till then Adios (hope I said it correctly).


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