Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After so long....

Some times it happens that you like something/someone so much and just can't live without that thing/person.  It can be anything.  It doesn't matter that it has to be a person only, it can be a song/place/piece of jewelry/anything & everything.  It happens with all of us isn't it? I am sure there must be something/someone without which/whom you too can't live without.  If you don't have yet anyone/anything which is having this special place in your heart/life than just wait.  Very soon it will come to you  coz you never know what you were missing till it doesn't come to you and you never realize what you have lost till the time it already has left you.  If you don't have anyone yet, just wait and watch coz you will come to know only when he/she would  be in front of you to amaze you.  Trust me its going to happen and it will.
Yes we all have or once had something/someone which we liked the most/loved so much.  But its not a must that what we love/like must like us too.  Sometimes life takes a turn and everything becomes dark, so much painful and what you at times liked/loved so much, you get scared to your wits to even come near to that person/thing.  Even flowers start hurting,even air starts ripping the body and this world' eyes start penetrating the soul.  Worst conditions happen when someone is emotional.  Yes I know we all are emotional but you know some are more than others, who take everything on themselves, think and cry for what happened.  This happens with those who are like this.  Am I like that?Hmm cant say?Or should I say GUESS :-)?What I am going to tell you, read it and decide for yourself.
There were 2 songs that I used to like so much. I mentioned one in my websites also, it is Gori Teri Aankhen Kahen. The other is a pop album, Tera Mera Pyar. I used to like them so much.  The first one was the first song that I dedicated to someone and made that person hear it.  Its from Lucky Ali.  The lyrics are very touching and video of it is also very heart-touching.  Luckily, that person liked it too. The other is a pop-album, having a variety of songs with title song, Tera Mera Pyar. Very sweet, melodious song.  It has beautiful numbers, all very nice and sweet.  Out of all, my favorite was ,Dil Mera Kho Gaya.That was the first disk that I gifted someone. Luckily it was liked and appreciated too. Then as I said before, somethings happen which turn your life upside and down. Sort of like that happened with me too.  After it I stopped listening to these 2 songs/albums altogether.  Its going to be almost 2 years today that I didn't hear them.  But I was wrong in doing so.  Someone very close to me made me hear them again yesterday and I did hear them. It brought back a lot of memories but I did listen both of these songs and promised that I shall listen them forever now. Sometimes we, with ourselves are not capable enough for doing something.  We need someone to hold our hands and make us stand/walk again. I did something like this yesterday when I heard these songs again.
I shall conclude by saying this, yes it does hurt at times when you look and long to see a moment to cherish, a moment to bring a smile on your face.  If you find that moment, you are very lucky.  Enjoy that moment fully.  But if you cant find it, than too don't lose heart. Sometimes things get rough.  But don't keep you away from those little things that you know can make you smile. Whose presence is as much important as anything else can be.  One of my friends said this to me and its really true,the sun is still somewhere shining even though it rains at somewhere else. So true isn' it?


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