Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tired Tired Tired & Just Tired….

I didn’t get a chance to write since my last post and since the time when I landed here in Banglore. Yes, I am at Banglore at the moment, handling a session. I thought its going to be an easy week but somehow, its not. There are tons of things which are going on and are just making me mad and tired, both mentally and physically.

The program has kicked off well( thank god for it). I do like it a lot when the room is full of delegates and all are very energetic and this time, exactly this is what I have got. The delegates are really smart, intelligent and curious to understand things in more and more deeper manner which means, lots of discussions, cross-questioning is happening in the session. And this is something which I always look forward to see in the session. Most of the delegates are just starting to take their first step in the database field which means that they are getting bombarded ( blame it on me) by lots and lots of keywords, complex  concepts and tons of commands! I can truly understand that some of them are feeling lot of pain undergoing all this and certainly must be feeling that the whole database thingy is a real complex beast to tame! In fact, I had a small chat with one of the delegates as well who did give me a similar feedback that he is finding the whole module a lot tougher and I truly agree that if some one would be hearing all about those memory areas, processes with cryptic names and their working, it can make anyone a little mad and lost, especially when its the first time! But that’s what makes database so much fun to work with too isn’t it! Only because its so deep, so complex, one can never possibly say that (s)he can say that today (s)he knows about it all! Its not like an application where once you know all the menus, their options, you can call yourself a guru about it! Database is a very complex thing and if one is a fresher and is just getting his hands wet with it, it may not be an easy ride to start with. The key to tame this beast called database is to have patience, a lot of patience! One must think about a very long duration before internals of database would start making sense to him and he would be able to make a link among all the processes, memory areas and other things within the database. But that would not happen in a small time frame so the key is to remain focused in the learning and just keep on doing and that’s exactly what I say in all of my sessions as well! Its just two days so we have still have 3 more days and I just hope that while I am here, I can clear as many doubts of the delegates as possible because I know from personal experience that its much easy to understand some thing in a one-to-one talk than on an email or from a web note or book. I am having a lot of fun with having so many bright people in the session but I just hope the delegates are not getting bored ;-).

Now that was about the work. There are couple of things happening in my home which are making me worried and tensed. I won’t mention here what are those things but they are big enough to wake me up in the midnight. Since I am traveling quite extensively from last few months, due to that I was not present at any moment when I was needed the most at my home with my family. I did get a chance to be there at my home for two days but I didn’t even come to know where those two days got vanished? All what I know is that before I could realize, I was already with my bag packed and had hit the road for the next travel. I know anyone hearing it would immediately mention that than why I am doing this travel and I should stop it right away! Well, unfortunately, the answer of this “why” is not that simple. So all I can say that I am not doing it for fun and its take a lot of me both physically and mentally, to do this travel but its the only option which I guess I have in my hands at the moment. So I just have to do what I have to do! I know if I have to do it, I shouldn’t mention that its making me tensed and is effecting me in anyways but at times, things strike in mind and at that time, some things come out from the heart!

Other than both the above things, I have couple of other things to finish off as well. I am working on a very important personal project of mine related to writing. I need to finish my part related to it ASAP and its just a lot easier said than to be done, thanks once again to my travels! Also, I need to prepare two more new modules which are very important for me! Its been a long time since I had started preparing those two modules and I have not been able to keep up with that schedule that I made for myself regarding those two modules. I have to spend a lot of time to make sure that I won’t get more delayed in preparing them! The only thing is that there are just 24 hours in a day and a times, even the strongest feel some pain and pressure and at this time, its me who is feeling it!

Its now 1.15am here from where I am writing this post and its quite late as well. Given the fact that I need to get to my office quite early, I guess best would be that I just call it a day and sleep! And I am just going to do that only! At least, while asleep, no tension would hit my head  :-) . I desperately need a vacation but I am not sure when I am going to get that, hope it happens soon!


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