Monday, March 15, 2010

A Long Tour Starts From Tomorrow….

Its been some really busy 3 days at my home and I shall be honest, I have no mood to leave for the session tomorrow after seeing that how much enormous work is going on at my home! Yes, we are in the process of revamping our complete house. There are so many things attached to it and also to this moment when we are finally doing this thing. I am not sure that whether I shall put that entire thing over here, on my blog, or not but still nonetheless, I must say, for me and for my entire family, this means so much! This may sound to many completely insane and completely normal thing but its not for us! So with that small note, I guess it should sound reasonable that why I am not willing to travel tomorrow seeing that my family needs me here with them! There is tons of work going on and to do that, the only person over here is my dad. My mom won’t be able to do anything and so would be the state of my sister as well. And my dad can’t be everywhere too! I can’t say it enough that how much my presence is needed at this moment of time but on the other hand, there are some other things which are equally important as well! And to make things possible, those are needed the most! So even though that I am most unwilling to go, I still have to, sigh! Some times, there are very tough choices which one has to make and this is just that kind of moment for me if you ask me!

Its going to be a long travel this time. I am going overseas and after that, I have another session starting back to back! Fortunately, both the modules are those which I have taught by this time, some around 300 times and I am hoping that I shall be able to do justice to them this time too. Hope all goes well. Please pray for me guys and wish me luck as well! Since there is so much of work going on at home, its too difficult to find stuff. I would pack my luggage now and also my travel documents.After that, there would be an “attempt” to sleep because I have to wake up early tomorrow. Come my bag, let’s pack you up :-) .


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