Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pain Depicted So Beautifully In Just Two Lines….

I always mention here that it may be possible to depict every emotion through words, through phrases but its almost impossible to express pain, sadness! When one is happy, the smile becomes bigger, turns into laughter, eyes start shining and face starts glowing but does the same happens when there is pain in someone’s heart? Color of tears don’t change, eyes fail to express the pain and at times, face shows nothing compared to what’s hidden in the heart! Yes, its almost very much not possible to express pain via anything. Yet, at times one encounters some words, few lines which come very close to express that pain as much realistically as possible! Its a tough, very tough task to do if you ask me but still, at times, some things make you pause for a moment and force you to think. I heard such two lines just now which made me feel to do the same. The lines are put in a song even though when the original lyrics don’t have it. I shall put the original song and its translation also over here some time soon since even the song is very good but at the moment, its just the two lines that I liked so much, am putting here! The lines are supposedly said by a gal who is trying to express how much pain she is into after being in love. The lines are in Hindi and I shall translate the meaning in English as well. Have a read of them in Hindi first,

Jo main aisa jaanti, preet kare dukh hove!

Nagar dhindhora peetati, mo se preet na keejo koi!

And here is the English translation,

Only if I knew that in love, there is so much of pain!

I would have gone out and shouted my lungs out, please don’t love me!


I don’t know what to say else to express these two lines any further since I just said, its not possible to express pain by mere words and I have no words which can express the pain hidden beneath these two lines truly!


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