Thursday, March 11, 2010

And It Just Made My Day….

At times, certain things, even being so small, bring smile on your face and makes a normal looking day a little special for you! The same goes for the people as well who with few words of their can either make or completely ruin your mood as well as day! Fortunately, this small post is not about a ruined day and/or mood but about a bunch of few words spoken by a delegate which just made me feel really special and made my day completely! Technically, this is an event of the yesterday now since its already 1.50am but its not my fault. The internet in my hotel is behaving odd and since it wasn’t working and I was so tired, I slept quite early. Just now when I woke up for no apparent reason, I checked the internet and it was working so I thought to write this post.

One of my delegate of the session asked me a question, to the answer of which, I asked him to check an thread on OTN forums where I replied to someone else about the similar doubt. When I was done for the day and was about to leave, I found him reading that thread and mentioned to him that there are couple of more threads over the same topic which also he should read. I also asked that did the current thread give him some useful info or not? To which he replied, yes it did and he also added, ‘you are a very kind person and its a pleasure of mine to know you through this class.’! Needless to mention, for me these kind words spoken by him meant so much since I am not really that great! But still, hearing those words made me truly feel very special. I just replied that its just my pleasure to be with such bright delegates. I thanked him again and left for my hotel with a smile over my face! For someone, who is really not that great, hearing such kind words means a lot and they just made my day from a normal, just-another-day to a special one :-) !


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