Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back Home With Extended Break Of Two Days….

Yep, I got back home after finishing a very nice session. I actually got home yesterday morning and started writing this post last night. But thanks to the tiredness, I had my eyes getting closed in the night so I just stopped writing it! There is some work going on in my home and because of it, the entire house is messed up, including my bed too where I would sleep. So there was no sleep for me after the whole day even when I wanted it so much otherwise I could had got a little nap in the day time. About the session, it just went very well I guess! I always find it really interesting and equally challenging when I have to explain the complexities of oracle database to those, who don’t understand it or know about it at all! The questions which come up from this category of delegates, at times, are very deep and the discussions which happen over them, makes the whole experience a memorable one! And this is what I like to do all the time, being more and more interactive and that’s what I expect from the delegates as well! Fortunately, this session was also filled up with similar category of delegates who were really sharp, intelligent and nice. The group was also had very senior delegates as well! We picked up couple of topics to discuss in the session and also, at times. There is nothing better than seeing that “light bulb” getting on over someone’s head. There is nothing more satisfactory to see that people come up with a problem and finally are able to get the answer of it. The whole session was filled with discussions of that sort only. There were some funny moments as well. For example, there was one time where one of the delegates mentioned that I a don’t look like a Punjabi guy :) . Well, I have heard it before as well that I don’t look like a typical punjabi guy. I am not sure that from where I do look like then :-) ?  Anyways, just for the record, I am a complete , full-fledge Punjabi guy :D . But the entire conversation was so good to give all a smile :). About the delegates, as I said, all were really good and were smiling on the last day! I have been fortunate enough to get a chance to meet so many great minds, thanks to my work and this session was another addition in my good memories. Few delegates said very kind words for me as well. Thanks a bunch guys  and also for this much support! Hope we shall be able to connect again soon!

My travel is going on. As per my original plan , I was supposed to start today only. But thank god, my program is delayed now for two days which means I shall get a little more time to be with my family. There is so much house work going on in my home since we are trying to revamp our house. So there is a lot of work and its very difficult for my dad to do it alone. I know that I have to be here to assist him, in fact not to let him do anything but do it all myself but I have to leave all the time because of the nature of my work. So I shall try to use this time as much as possible to give him some rest and finish as much as work I can while am at home. There is nothing more relaxing for me being at home with my family. So this would take away all the tiredness and fatigue that took over me from the last few travels. Also, I need to finish work of my book which is pending for this month’s end. So in total, a lot is going on and I guess, is enough to keep me quite busy while am at home! But above all, its time to play some real good music over my new IBall Tarang 4.1 speakers. Let’s play some Punjabi music more loudly  now :-) .


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