Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pain Depicted In The Bestest Manner By S. M. Sadiq….

I always say that its the easiest to tell and express that how happy you are but its the most toughest thing to do in this world to tell how much sad you are! Pain has no limitations, pain can’t be confined in few words and few lines! Tears don’t change color when you are in less pain or are in so much of it! Still, there are always attempts by many many authors in this world to express this most common emotion of us humans in their own ways. In every corner of this world, in every language, attempts have been done to express emotion of pain by many! Some attempts are really good, some are not so good but still there are always and there would always be attempts to do so in the future as well! So there are a lot of people who are trying to do the same thing yet in this mad race, there are some distinct poets, who are miles ahead from their counterparts and are doing some incomparable work which goes way beyond from the limits to get a ranking! S M Sadiq is one such poet!

I guess I no another poet who can write 100 songs in a day or can write a song in 3-4 minutes other than Sadiq! He has written about 30000 songs so far and is still going as good as he was in his starting! A poet whose poetry is sung by every major singer where names include Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Shaukat Ali, Sardool Sikandar and many many more, he is a poetry machine with an unnatural, god gifted talent which can’t be learnt, can’t be taught in any ways! Its enough to show his talent that when he was just about 15-16, he went to late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with his song which he was asked to modify and within two days, he got back with a modified version of it which was given voice by Sir Nusrat! He is not one of the best but he is the bestest among the bests!

I just heard one of his poetries from himself in a recorded interview video. I can’t say enough that how much did I like it except this that all I wanted to do was to put that poetry over here! It took my heart away the moment I heard it. Its in Punjabi and I shall do the translation in English in a while as well. First, the Punjabi version,

Dil deyan dukhaan di dawa kithon labhiye,

Vichhereyan sajjna di raah kithon labhiye!

Hun ohna veleyan de rukh v na rahe ne,

Laggian de vele de gawah kithon labhiye!

Jinhan dakki rakhian c saadian musibatan,

Ohna sohne hathan di dua kithon labhiye!

Maut saade sir te te yaar saada aa gaya,

Sadqa udhaare asin saah kithon labhiye!


And here is its translation in English,

Where I should go and find the cure of the wounds of my heart,

From where I should track where my departed love has gone!

Now, even the trees of those times are not there anymore,

From where I would go witnesses of my love!

Those hands who did save me from all the pains, problems,

From where I would go and find those hand's prayers anymore!

Death has given a knock on my door and my love has also come,

From where “Sadiq” I would go and get few breaths’s credit!


If you ever had a sour heart, ever had wounds over your soul given by none other than your own loved one, you would surely understand what these lines are depicting and also, you would be able to see the depth of the thought of Sadiq! If you have not faced anything like this so far, I would still urge to give it a try to see beyond the lines and wordings! God bless Sadiq!


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