Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Am 'Not' At Home....

Thanks to non-functional internet at my home, I couldn’t write this post from my home. I am not at home and my “very” short break is over before I could even start enjoying it. I am back on the road and at the moment, sitting and writing this post from my hotel room. I am not sure how long this tour would go since there are couple of things which are scheduled but either are not confirmed but are confirmed but after that, there are some other more important programs which are clashing with them. So not sure what and how everything is going to happen? Anyways, that’s a matter related to future, let’s talk about the present and which means the current program as well for which I am here! Its one of the toughest programs and I just hope all would go fine. I am so tired so I guess, I won’t study anything tonight and would just go to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow’s day and also the program, both start and carries on well. Let’s see what happens? Though its not too late but I guess, I am just about call it a day, nites!


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