Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Lost, Completely Lost….

As I mentioned in my last post, I shall be traveling and would be on a long tour, I am writing this post from very far! I have just done with my session and waiting for my cab to come and pick me up. I know I should have written about the travel, session , post some pictures of the place where I am at the moment, yes I know all this and  hopefully, I shall do it as well as soon as possible but not today! I am just feeling totally lost at this moment. I was completely fine in the entire day and now, all I want is someone to hold me, let me have rest over his shoulder. I didn’t feel alone at all in all the last 4 days since I have come here even when I am not able to talk to anyone since my phone is not working but just now, I am feeling so lonely! I won’t mention anything here but this only that I am feeling completely lost and gloomy! Sigh!

Hope my cab comes soon and drops me at my hotel so that I can do something (anything) which can just distract me from myself! Not sure its funny or not but everyday, when I don’t need cab to come, it comes right on time and today, when I really want it, its no where to be found!


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