Sunday, March 28, 2010

Actual Reply….

When I was in Sri Lanka, one of my colleague and mentor read some of my status updates where I was mentioning about the yuck candies, “hot” lunch and things like these. She was worried and since I was not available on the phone, she wrote me a mail asking me where I am and what’s going on? When I sent her the reply back and told her that I am traveling overseas, she became really happy and gave me her blessings. She also did ask me that am I getting any chances to travel to two other countries any time soon in the near future? At that time, sine I was so busy in my session, I just wrote a quick reply to her that I am not getting any schedules for those two countries at the moment and sent to her. I was just browsing my inbox when I saw that mail again and than I re-read my reply. While I was re-reading my reply, it did occur to me that there is more than that one liner reply for this question and that’s certainly not linked to get a chance by luck to go to those places. The reply that I could send is way different from the reply that I actually did!

Out of two, the very first country I have traveled already couple of times. In fact, that was the first ever country, going to which I stepped out of my home for the first time in my life! That was the very first experience of mine of sitting in a plane, living and traveling alone too! Only me and very selective few other people know about this that how much efforts I had put in to go to that country! Those who had seen me working at that time, they only know what I used to say and think about that travel(s) and how much did it mean to me about going there! But it doesn’t matter what others did say about this act of mine( which got repeated couple of times after the first time as well) but what that person would say for whom you are doing all this! If that person says.’this is the most embarrassing thing that you could do” , it just crushes the heart into millions of pieces without even making a sound! When you go so far away to see someone on a special occasion of her only  and yet all you had to do was to sit in the room and than come back, only that would understand how can it feel who have “been there, done that”! So that’s about the first country which I was told to go.

The second country which I had in my to-do list was there in that from a long time. After the first one, I thought and planned that I would go there some time for sure. In fact, I planned that I would go there and stay for a long time, getting into either work or study or both. Just not so long back in the time( which means just a few months back), I was very, VERY eager to go there but I was not getting any program which was scheduled for that place. I nearly fought for one program which did come on my way, even when the program was a completely different one from those which I do otherwise, was very tough and I had to convince all the people in the management that I shall be able to make it! Just days before that program, someone did something and I cancelled everything out of sheer anger and opted out of that program myself! By doing so, I just invited millions of issues anyways as well as heat over my head since it was just me only who gave an arm and leg to be into that program and finally when I got it, I opted out saying a stupid sorry sorry! One can imagine what would have happened since because of this “sorry” of mine, a lot got disturbed and there were some really major losses that did hit the company! Sigh! Well, after few months of it, I again went back to my travel people and told them that I need a travel plan for the very same country and they must ensure me that all would get arranged perfectly! Silly me, I made it such a big thing that all knew about it days before of my actual travel! But then, again someone did something and I had to go and tell those guys that I am not sure about my travel yet so I would not be going for the moment. You can’t even imagine how big time I was proved as an idiot! Even now, I hear comments/taunts either on my face as well as when I turn my back from many in the travel desk. So that’s the second country which people think is  a great place to go but for me, it just brought many many insults, comments and taunts only!

So that’s about the two countries which for others, seem like a dream destination to go for! But I am not sure its the same case for me also! I am not sure that I shall go to the two anytime in the future or not but its certain that unlike many others, I am not craving for both since I have “been there,done that”! Okay, may be not for the second I can say the same, but I don’t think even that is such a big problem! Well so that’s about the actual reply which should had been given for the actual question asked but its a little long right? Yep, that’s why I didn’t put it :-D . Some times, some answers don’t hit your mind right away but after some time so this is just one of those replies I guess! Since we are speaking about travels, its the “travel day” for me today and I am going to get started with my packing now. Airport, here I come! :-) .


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