Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Travel Not So Well Started....

If you are a regular here, you would be aware about the fact that the travel which I am doing at the moment, I was not supposed to be a part of it if I hadn't been called for it on an "urgent and desperate" basis. I said a No for the program initially but than I was given so many reasoning's that why I should go for it. So I had to say Yes for it unwillingly, resulting which caused chaos right in the beginning of it only because anything that starts with a no ends up being in trouble. Try it for once, you would realize that its true!
At my place, since last 4 days, the environment has become really violent and dangerous thanks to some idiots who think creating mess and destroying peace is the best way to spend their free time. Things have gone to that extent of being messed up that a curfew has been imposed and army is called up. Completely the movement is stopped. Whatever little movement which is allowed is only for few hours. Overall, things are really so much bad and there are no signs of any improvement being visible in the near future as well. And yours truly had to start his travel in this kind of environment only. Normally I travel by bus but this time my flight was quite early so I was given a train. I have traveled already by train but this time there was a slight change in the plans as the train given to me was not the usual one. This leaves after about 2 hours from the timing of my usual train and takes a complete 6 hours to reach Delhi which for the other is only 4.5hours. Well, I didn't like it in the very first place so I thought I would go by bus only. My dad comes with me to drop me always and this time also he was with me. We stopped at the bus stand from where I take the bus all the time only to see that the entire place is looking like a police station and is completely filled up by so many cops. I asked one cop that is there a curfew still going on and with his answer, my heartbeats actually went faster. He said yes and also that the chances of getting a bus are slim to almost none. I thought of going to Delhi via bus that plan also didn't work as there was no bus allowed to move on that path. The last option which me and dad thought was to go to the station only and see if trains are moving. Finally, we headed to the same place where we didn't want to go at all. But there was no other choice and eventually, this proved to be a wise decision only.
When we got at the train station, dad checked that the train was on right time and there was indeed a movement of trains. Actually we were worried that what if the movement of the trains is also blocked? But fortunately that was not the case. The train came and it did come on its right time only. I was so much worried about dad that how would he get back to home in this all messed up environment but he assured me that he would reach safely( and he did as well) . I started my travel for Delhi thinking that now the worst is over. As like always, probably I did say it way too early.
When my train just crossed Ambala, it stopped all of a sudden. Well, it was stopping for about 2 minutes at almost every station so the first impression that now also its the same case. But when 2 minutes turned into 10 and then 10 to 30, things appeared to be wrong some where. It was now about 40 minutes and no one was having any clue what is happening? Finally, we asked some train staff who told us that a train of goods has been slipped off from the track and has blocked the entire path as well. Upon asking that how much time it would take to clear the track, the answer was about 2-3hours. Okay, this was surely not right as my flight was supposed to leave in next 5 hours and just when you don't want, it was on right time as well. I thought ( and was suggested as well) to leave the train and take a bus after walking for some time. But than I rejected that idea as the road was pretty far from where I was at that moment and time that would had taken to get to the road and than to take the bus probably would had come close to the same time which was supposed to be taken in the clearance of the track. So taking a big risk, I decided to stay in the train and  am just glad that I chose to do so as in the next 10 minutes, finally the train was moving again. I was late by complete one hour but still, I could make it to the flight. Finally, I said to myself, things are okay now. Again, it proved to be a before-time statement!
The train did reach to delhi but stopped just before it could touch the platform, thanks to some signal which was red. Well, now it was 3.45pm and I was having a flight leaving at 5.20pm. It takes about an hour from the station to the airport. And by this calculation, there was no way that I could catch my scheduled flight. Well, as soon as I got off from the train, I grabbed my luggage and just ran towards the exit so that I can catch some auto or cab and can start for the airport. I got an auto whom  I asked to drive in the fastest possible manner for an extra 50 bucks. He did keep his words and drove the auto like a jet and out of nowhere, made it possible that I was at the airport at 4.15pm, in just 30minutes! I just rushed towards the check-in counter where the lady told me that there are no window seats available so would I like to choose from a mid or aisle seat? To which I just could say, you have no idea how did I make it today to come to the airport, what ever you give today is okay for me :-) . She gave me a fake smile and handed over the boarding pass. After the security check was over, it was already 4.50pm and I just rushed towards the boarding gate as the boarding already was started. All said and done, now I was sitting on seat in the plane. Somehow, I just made an impossible looking task possible :-) .
The matter of flight was over but there was another matter which was still unresolved and that was of my stay. I had no stay confirmed for me yet and I was sitting in my flight! After making about 20calls, I finally got a text message from the travel lady that where I am going to stay! Thank god the hotel is good and on top of everything, has an internet connection. But its not possible that if some thing is good for me, it can stay longer. I have been told today that there is a guest house which is now booked for me( why I wasn't told this thing before) and now I need to shift to that place. And I have no idea how would it be possible for me when I am working since morning 8am to evening about 9pm. But the chances are pretty strong that I am out of options so I need to do it by some way. Again, the guest house won't be good( I know) because of one main reason that it won't have the internet and not having that for a computer geek is like being out of breath for a normal person! Even the food won't be good compared to where I am at the moment. Let's see what happens? Hope things would not go any more wrong now, fingers are crossed!


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