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An Awesome Song, Kamal Heer's Jindey Ni Jindey....

Punjabi music has always been enriched with so many talented singers, musicians and writers. Despite the fact that now a days, just every one wants or tries to be a Punjabi singer, writer or musician, there are some names without which Punjabi music and its essence can't be there. I always feel that music should reflect completely and truly human emotions. That's what the music is all about after all, isn't it? And what good would be that music which except reflecting emotions , does everything else? Sadly there are some singers who do make such kind of music. But fortunately, there are some musicians who do prepare such numbers which just gets mixed in your soul! There isn't just one name and among these talented musicians, Waris brothers trio, Manmohan Waris , Kamal Heer and Sangtar hold a very esteemed and respected position!

Though all three brothers are involved completely with music but all bring their own signature in the music which they create. If Manmohan is more focussed on traditional kind of music and Sangtar limiting himself to music composition only, Kamal Heer brings the music which appeals more to the dancing generation. His songs are more foot tapping ones, making them completely suitable for clubs. But still, he doesn't miss to bring in his albums at least one such number which shows his singing talent and ability to pick good lyrics as well, two most important ingredients needed for creating a long lasting song. And he has just repeated the same act with his new single, Jindey Ni Jindey . Jindey or more precisely,  Jind is a Punjabi word which means life in English. Its very common to see the lyricists depicting the beloved as life in their songs. The same is there for this song as well but this song brings the emotions of a broken hearted lover who is calling his beloved and is telling her that what is he going through. The song is penned by Jasvir Gunachauria, one of the most amazing writers whose sad songs can bring tears in the eyes of most stone hearted people as well. The song has come very nice and I believe, this song would just add another feather in Kamal Heer's cap! The song's official video is released and is available on Youtube. I am posting the video here as well for your ease. I have been told that there is one more video of this song that would be getting released very soon. Once I shall come to know about it, I shall post that as well. Un till then, here is the currently available video,

The song is in Punjabi. As usual, I shall be explaining the meaning of it in English. But first, here are the Punjabi lyrics,

Jindey ni jindey tere, waade dukh dinde tere,
Tuttadi na yaadan di ladi, disdi aen baari ch khadi!
Jindey ni jindey tere(repeat)
Jindey ni jindey tere(repeat)

Ambar ton taare waangu tutteyan da nai tikana,
Saada tere ishq de hathon lutteyan da nai tikana,
Jindey ni jindey asin,
Jakhmi parinde asin!
Dunia te ghadi do ghadi, disdi aen baari ch khadi!
Jindey ni jindey tere, waade dukh dinde tere!
Jindey ni jindey tere, waade dukh dinde tere!

Machde saahin angiaare, tadpe ni Gunachauria!
Aaunde tere chete laare, tadpe ni Gunachauria!
Jinde ni jinde moti,
Sadhraan de khinde moti!
Tutti maala hathaan ch fadi, disdi aen baari ch khadi!
Jindey ni jindey tere, waade dukh dinde tere!
Jindey ni jindey tere, waade dukh dinde tere!
Tuttadi na yaadan di ladi, disdi aen baari ch khadi!

And here is the English translation,

Oh my life, your promises are giving me pains,
Endless memories are not letting me rest, You appear to be standing at the window!

Like a broken star from the sky, I have no place to go,
After being destroyed from your fake love, I have no place to go!
Oh my life, I,
I am like a wounded bird!
Would be here on this earth for just few moments, You appear to be standing at the window!

Even the breaths are burning, Gunachauria is getting tortured!
Always after recalling your fake promises, Gunachauria is getting tortured!
Oh my life, pearls!
Pearls of the desires are just scattered all over!
And I am just standing, holding the broken chain of those pearls!
Oh my life, your promises are giving me pains,
Endless memories are not letting me rest, You appear to be standing at the window!

Love is the most beautiful gift and beloved is the most powerful and closet support that one can have! But in the same manner, love can give the most brutal wounds to someone and only someone whom you love, can give you endless tears which don't go away no matter how hard you try! If a normal friend of yours, still the pain comes but when your beloved leaves you for some selfish reasons, the pain which comes from that wound is unexplainable and unbearable! There can't be any bigger happiness than knowing that there is someone who loves you and there can't be anything more hurting and painful than knowing that whom you loved with all what you had, she never loved you and for some materialistic things, leaves you alone like someone throws away his old toys after playing with them for some time! Lots of people mention that they are in love, but only few truly fall in it because being in love is not making calls in every hour or meeting on every evening. Being in love is not writing the name of the beloved on your books and being happy telling others that you are in love. Being in love is to smile even when your beloved hurts you the most knowingly! Being in love is even when you see not getting a call from your beloved which you could expect only from your beloved and she tells you that he couldn't do because she was busy! Being in love is being in tears from so many pains given by your beloved but still forgetting all of them and smiling hearing her saying, I love you! Being in love is not leaving your beloved's hand on a lonely road seeking for a better career, prosperous future but rather giving away your head for the sake of it! That's what is being truly love, something which is much easier said than done! And that's why I say, love is not the bed or path of roses but its an ocean of fire which one has to swim through to get to the other end! Love is giving all what you have for the sake of your love and beloved and yet to feel complete! Love is not saying that you never made a promise of doing something which doesn't even need the seel of a promise in the first place but giving all of yourself for even those words which you said just like that! That's what is love, that's what is being in love!

I loved this song so much that since the time I came to know about it( saw its promos on television), I am just playing it non-stop. I do hope that you too like it as well! And last but not the least, thanks Kamal Heer for brining this song!


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this song touches the heart awesum yar bt 1 paragraph lyrics is missing.........

March 29, 2010 6:10 PM  
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What is the name of model worked in video of jinday ni jinday

January 17, 2019 9:59 PM  

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