Thursday, December 03, 2009

No More Wires....

In case, you don't know, I work in hi-tech field of computers and when I say, hi-tech, it means all the things that a normal person wont do with his machines. Though I am much far from what Sidhu and Vaibhav do in the same category and how much they know ( read Vaibhav's blog to know about what kind of cpu cabinet he uses, that should be enough to give you a heart attack) but still, I do come in the same category. So following the tradition of being wireless,which is already going on for sure at Sidhu's place and I am almost certain at Vaibhav's place as well about using internet over laptops and deskops , I have enabled wireless networking in my home as well today. I have already been warned by Ankit so I won't forget this time. Credit must go where its truly deserved. So keep on reading who are those unsung heroes who helped me in achieving wi-if nirvana.

Since I wanted to have wi-if setup in my home so who can be the best source around me to ask for the initial information about it than Sidhu! So doing a rightful thing, I asked him and he said its a piece of cake and all one need is a wireless router. But he made it certain that the router must be from Cisco. There is a complete range of it given by Linksys and Sidhu has the router from the same vendor only. He asked me to get the router only from this vendor only and I asked him to get one for me. Due to his business, he asked another common friend Ankit who went and bought this next-gen router for me. Thanks a bunch Ankit for all the effort.

As I was at Sidhu's place last night, so I asked him to do the test run of it there only. Sidhu did the test, with me and Ankit looking above his shoulders to see what's going on , and finished the entire setup in about 15 minutes.  Once confirmed that the device works, I packed it as the final test would had been at my home which was going to be this router's home as well for the rest of its electronic life.

I got at my home and after taking a cup of tea, I asked customer support of my broadband service to help me in setting up the device. Sadly, the guy had no clue what to do so he confirmed an engineer's visit at my place for tomorrow who would do it for me. Well, I didn't have patience to wait for tomorrow so I called up Sidhu. By this time, I had done some playing around with the settings already, thanks to my chat with that support guy. So the stage was almost set when I made Sidhu incharge. In less than a minute, the wi-if was up and running and I confirmed it by using the web over my phone. Its just a great feeling to have this kind of set up at your home, well at least its for me is a great feeling! So I am going to see how I can take use of this wireless nirvana now? Should be a lot of fun ;-) .


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