Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Heart Touching Poetry, Truly Awesome....

Some times, there are some things which are not explainable by words. Even when one tries really hard enough to explain through wording, all those efforts just fail. If you are thinking that what can be such emotion which is not explainable by words than the answer of that is pain. Out of all, only pain is that such emotion which even words can't describe properly. And when that pain is given to one by that person whom he loved more than his own self than it becomes even more harder to tell someone what's the reason of those tears which at times come in the eyes. Its not possible to explain in any words that why one feels alone even when the whole world is there? Its not possible to express that pain caused by those broken pieces of heart which pierce into the soul all the time reminding that this is the punishment of trusting, loving , caring for some one for whom love was not much than a wardrobe which one wears for some time and after that, just throws away in a corner. Only that person can truly understand this who has tasted the same poison. Those who cause this pain and these tears to others, for them its nothing and they never can understand even what it feels like to hide in the corner of your room and cry when you see that someone who is having wounds, not on his body but on his soul, how would you see those hidden pains? How you would look beyond what's visible? The answer of this lies in those eyes which despite being quite will reveal it all. Look in those eyes who would tell you that when pains go beyond the limits of tolerance, how would one feel? Don't get fooled by the smile of someone. Remember, smile can be fade but eyes never tell a lie, even when you want them to do so!

I got the following lines in an email. I am not sure who wrote these lines but I must say that whosoever did it, has done it in just an awesome manner! What that heart feels who got crushed under the feet of that person whom it was keeping safe inside of it,  is explained just so very beautifully here. These are in Hindi and I have attempted to explain the meaning in English as well. Have a read, first in Hindi,

Na jaane dhoondtey ho Kya meri viraan aankhon Mein,
Chupa rakhe Hum ne to kayi tufaan aankhon Mein!

Kahan who shokhiyan pehlay Si,ab kuch bhi nahin baaqi,
Chale aaye ho tum Kya khojne in be-jaan aankhon mein!

Kisi ka haath lekar haath mein jab tum mile hum se,
To kaise toot ke bikhra tha mera mann aankhon mein!

Na samjho chup hain to tum se koi shikwa nahi baaqi,
Hum apne dard Ki nahi rakhte koi pehchaan aankhon mein!

Mile the baad muddat k humein tum ajnabi ban Kar,
To kaise dard na Uthte meri hairaan aankhon mein!

Nahi ab phir se Koi raafta rakhne se kuch haasil,
Ke ab dafna diye hum ne sabhi armaan in aankhon Mein!

And here is the translation in English for the same,

Not sure what you are looking for in my lonely eyes,
There are just so many storms hidden beneath these eyes!

There is no innocence left in these eyes anymore,there is nothing else left,
What you have come to look for in these lifeless eyes!

When holding hands of someone else you met me,
You don't know how did my heart crushed into pieces beneath these eyes!

Don't think that if I am silent, there are no grudges for you,
No signs of my pain I keep anymore in these eyes!

When even after so long, you met me like a complete stranger,
Than how come pain won't come in my surprised eyes!

There is no benefit of keeping anything now,
As I have just buried all of my wishes beneath these eyes!

I don't know what else I should add to above said? I guess this world is now full of those for whom, their own self matters the most than anyone else, including those as well who love them, care for them! May be that's why people don't really look beyond what they think is right for them, even when it may mean to break someone's heart like breaking a cup of tea. May be some things like a better career, study in abroad really do matter than those stupid and idiotic things like emotions, feelings and love! Anyways, all I know is that if there are many who don't even think for a moment before leaving their beloved ones for what their own wishes and benefits, there are still few who have left the whole world for that one person whom they loved truly, madly and deeply. That's another fact altogether that out of those very few, there are again some very very selective lucky ones who got someone who understood this gesture of them. For the rest of the people, tears, pains and cries become their soul mates for the eternity and that's what is the fortune of most who does the crime of being in love!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi...First time reading blog of someone.. Not a very techy person...But it's nice to read Ur thoughts...

May 02, 2017 1:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True about being in love....And to the person who don't love u back.... That's crime

May 02, 2017 1:15 AM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Hi Anonymous,

Glad to hear and felt honored that despite reading first time blog of anyone, you did like my ramblings. It's not a techie blog though the title says so.

Love, truly hurts when some one doesn't understand the importance of the feeling.


May 02, 2017 7:36 AM  

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