Sunday, December 13, 2009

Birthday, Travel.…

I can't seem to think any other title for a post which is for two different topics! Anyways, first about the birthday! Its my sister Gunjan's birthday today! Happy birthday dearest Gudia! Its just a shame that I need to travel on this day. I really want to be here with her, spending the entire with her but I need to go for this tour! Despite that I won't be able to spend time with her, I am still somewhat happy as I could be here on her birthday at midnight to wish her. Last time also,I was absent and I didn't want to repeat the same thing this year! We did cut cake at 12:00am last night! She wanted to get some stuff for her and was waiting for me to get it for her! So yesterday, I took her along and got what she wanted! Though I am not completely dissatisfied but I am still not happy at all! But I am helpless and I need to go at any cost! God bless you Gudia! Happy birthday dearest Gudia!

Well, needless to say that I am traveling also today. Its really going to be a very tough tour! I just hope that all goes well. Bag is packed and I myself shall be getting ready in a while. Pray for me guys! I need all the wishes and prayers of yours!


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