Saturday, December 05, 2009

Time To Be On The Road( Yes Again)....

If you would ask me, I am really not in any mood to go this time. And its just not like that because there are two reasons for this. One and the most important I guess, I am not well. If you have been reading, I did mention that I am having so much of pain in my throat since my last travel ( which just got finished only 2 days back) and had become even worse because I didn't get any rest and in that state only, I had to "shout" for  3 days. I did go to the doctor only to hear that I need some rest but who can explain this to him that when some one writes saying that "only Aman", there is nothing much you can do. I really really do need some rest because the pain is unbearable for me but I am out of choices here. The second reason is also pretty close to the first one. I am traveling since last 5 weeks and if you don't do this much of travel, you can't feel how much impact it does on one's body. I want some rest to make myself get relaxed but again, there is no chance of it, at least not in the next coming few weeks. To sum up, I am leaving again tomorrow. When you are not willing to do something, it appears a lot harder than it actually is and that's the same I am feeling now. Anyways,one got to do what one got to do so its okay. Time now to pack bags, books, computer! Hope at least today I get some sleep which is has simply forgotten to come to me since last few days. Pray for me guys and wish me luck! If you are on vacation or are going to be, happy holidays!


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