Saturday, December 12, 2009

At Least A Day's Rest....

I got back home this morning. Its my sister's birthday tomorrow and I wanted to be there to wish her. That's why despite that my mom asked me to stay back, I insisted on coming back. I shall be leaving again tomorrow and this time, this would be a REALLY hard module that I would be taking up. I am not at all sure what would happen as I know from the past experiences of two other instructors that the ride isn't going to be smooth at all for me(neither it was for them ). I am scared and worried to death! And on top of that, I am feeling completely burnt out from the travel. Feels like that I am completely exhausted! And its not just the physical fatigue, there is some sad feeling that's there in the heart as well and the reason for that is this and the next month. I can't mention the story behind these months but its really hard for me smile at the moment. Wish I could learn the tricks like some other people to be just completely caring about your own work and nothing and no one else! But I know, I shall never be able to learn this!
Anyways, the last module went really well. All the delegates were really nice and I just thank all of them for their kind words that they spoke for me and for my work. Thanks a bunch guys. Though I am not worthy at all for such nice words but still heartiest thanks to all of you! This world is really such a small place and some how, I experience this thing time and time again! The same happened in this session as well when I came to know that one of the delegate has studied with a close friend of mine. Another lady is from Punjab and her father used to work there before they moved to Delhi permanently. And one delegate worked as the Asia Pacific head for the Human Resource division and some how, I used to read his team's blog (about which I came to know eventually that it was his effort to start it). Some how, it just felt so nice! I had a great time and I hope, the delegates also didn't get bore of me :-) .
I have one day and there is still a lot left for me to do. I shall have my breakfast and than, a busy-yet-not-busy day starts ;-) .


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