Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back & Injured….

I got back today from the last program of this year of  mine. I guess, I was just waiting for the program to get finished so that I could fly back to home asap! It was a little long to wait  I believe this time since I am out of home and on the roads from last many weeks. But, its finished and thank god, it went really well as well! That was biggest worry that it should not happen that the last program of the year would get screwed up! Thanks to god and the co-operation of all the delegates, it went really well. All the delegates were really nice and intelligent and said so many kind words before we finished the program! Thanks a lot guys! Now, all the programs are over, I guess at least for 2-3 days, I can have some rest which is must now since I, due to my very own stupidity, have injured myself as well. How come ? Well, keep on reading!

Since childhood, I have a talent of doing something which others can't even think of and when it happens, at times, even I wonder myself as well. The same happened just now as well. I was sitting on my chair and was trying to "play" while sitting over it by making it go backwards and swinging like this . I do it almost all the time and so far, nothing went wrong ever. But as its said, never say never, something went wrong today for sure! I don't know how I lost my balance and chair slipped and I hit the corner of a sofa chair. Well, it was a little "strong" hit as it lead me to have 3 stitches over the head :-( . Within minutes, everything got messed up! Thank god that my dad was at home today otherwise it would had been really tough for me to drive alone and go to doc. Not sure how come I messed up something which I am doing since so many years! But it got messed up really bad today! So that's what the reason that now I need some rest for sure. Its been almost 7 years when the last I had stitches over head and again, it was not my fault at that time. For the first time, I became unconscious , did block the entire road for about 2 hours. But still drove back home myself after getting stitches! Anyways, it was long time back. Hope I shall be fine soon. I didn't want to have stitches but doc(who is my dad's best friend as well) insisted for it so had no choice.  Hope they got cut soon which he has promised me as well. Hope my hair style won't get too messed up due to these unwanted "threads" :-) . But at the moment, its hurting and its hurting really bad!

I wish you all very happy holidays and merry Christmas as well! Have lots of fun and enjoy yourself! Hope the next year brings so many joys, happiness and success for you! I shall listen to some music now. Its the best way to forget about pain for a little while :-) !


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