Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sleepless Night, Yet Again....

I didn't get time to write before I was leaving this time. It wasn't long enough too that I was at home. I left the next day only after writing this. And there is no time that I could get in these days to write anything. Today also wasn't any exception as I am just so much tired and feeling so weak. By the time I am back in the hotel, I am in the position that I can fall anywhere. May be its too much travel that I am doing since last 2 months and/or the impact of constant travels are becoming visible. Not sure what is there? So what's the exception that I am writing at almost midnight today, you may ask! well, no other reason but that I can't sleep. After spending almost 3 hours on the back, turning upside down, there is no sleep in my eyes. There are so many thoughts in the mind, so many things going on that even though I am feeling so damn tired, I am still not able to get sleep for few moments even!

So what to do when you are not able to sleep? Read poetry and listen to music ;-)! Yep,I am doing the same right now despite knowing that its not going to get me sleep but will make me more awake! And sometimes, you get across something which shakes your soul even. I don't know to call me lucky or unlucky that at this moment when I was already not able to sleep and was getting bombarded with painful thoughts, I came across the following poetry which just shook me! Have a read,

Uske sapnon ko poora karne ki zidd thi meri Faraz,
Usne azzaadi maangi aur maine khud ko mita diya!

And here is its translation in Engish,

I was committed to make her every single dream come true,
She asked from me freedom and I got myself destroyed!

Some times, few words tell you a tale of a life time isn't it? Its going to be a long night tonight I guess!


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