Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tough Times....

Yes I got back from my program. About the program, yes it went really well. And once again, as like always I met some great guys. Its a great privilege to have discussion with these sort of guys who not only want to learn but want to share also their views. Overall, a good experience.

But despite all of these good things, there are a lot of things happening which are not so smooth. A change is needed now and it has to happen very soon. Some times when you really want one thing to happen, it doesn't happen at that time. And when it starts happening than you are forced to stand on such a crossing which has two ends and both look good. But one can not walk on both the paths, he can chose only one. So I have to chose the best way for me. Lets see what this change over the newly chosen way would bring for me.


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