Saturday, March 08, 2008

Not In A Good Mood....

Well actually I am just burning with anger at the moment. Why so? There are not one but many reasons and the biggest one is the fate. Some times, when you need some thing so desperately, that is not given to you. But when you need it least or you think some thing more better than that is there , it suddenly comes in front of you. Why now? Why only it has to come now only to not create a happy moment  but to make already running things more complex? Than there are people. The more I am seeing this world, the more this feeling is there that either that I am not for this world or this world is not for me. People don't care, value you when you are giving them your heart, soul, blood in everything. You are treated like the most unimportant thing in this world. You take it for so long and than you lose strength. And suddenly you start getting everyone's attention. Good isn't it but the twist is that that attention is not for good reasons but because you are made to realize this that even this is your own fault that now you are not having anymore strength to take upon what's happening. You are told that you have cheated upon them , used them and now you are moving upon. You are told that because of you, everything is suffering and you have not done anything for it. HUH? You are told that you are not guilty but you are the one who is not right too. Give me a break will you! Yes I am having some thing similar sort of happening at the moment. Fate has now brought up that opportunity which I wanted to have but at the same time brought that one too along with it which I always wanted to have. But the later one is the one which is totally different from the other one. So picking either one has become a major issue. Same story is with the people too. I guess I need to listen some thing to change my mood.


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