Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Good News Of My Friend Gaurav....

I know ALOT of people. But I am close to very few. And those few are really chosen ones. In my friends, A , K, J are some few who are really close ones.  But there is one friend of mine G who is still here with me in India. When some one whom I trusted so much left me alone, he was the only who was there all the time with me, listened to my veins, gave me a shoulder. He stood all the time with me. Even when no one else turned up, he was there. Today he has got engaged. The gal's name is Pand she is from our city only. Just now G gave the news. It was not expected today as there was no such plan for engagement today. It was just a formal meeting between two families and face to face meet between Gand P for the first time. But G said , everything was okay between him and P and also between the families so it was decided that now it should be officially marked too. Hence the occasion happened. I couldn't go today due to some personal reasons but I am very happy for both of them. May god give both of them this whole world's joys and happiness. And suddenly I am realizing , I am now the only one in my group who is left single :-). So what about me ? Ha ha well nothing. I guess I am happy in this way only.


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