Monday, March 24, 2008

So Much Upset....

I want to write so much about some things but at the moment , its just that every thing inside is like closed. There are some very tough times which are coming ahead and the entire credit for it will be for those people in my professional life for whom I did so much but at the end of the day, they just proved that its a crime to trust people in this world. Its a joke to think that people care about emotions, feelings , ethics. I don't know how people can be just selfish, just can think what they want, what is their profit/loss and give a damn about anyone else? Its just so easy for people to say that if I am with you, I have to face so many things so I am just leaving you, I have got nothing to do with you. And in the professional life, its just all the dirty tricks to ruin some one's entire career just for some bucks that too which they have earned with the help of that very person only. Don't know from where people get this much confidence, courage? There is so much wrong that is happening and its just getting on my nerves now.


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