Saturday, March 15, 2008

Remote Operation Exception In EM & Its Workaround....

Today one of my friend called me up and said that she is not able to do a login from the Enterprise Manager of Oracle in Windows operating system. She wanted to test some backup from the EM and for that, a host login is must from the EM. Some how this was not working and she was very frustrated. In my system, it works fine and also I have not seen any error of this any time before but still for this error, I am posting the steps that I suggested to her. Hope it would be useful for me and for anyone some day.

1. Go to control panel->administrative tools
    (i) Click on "local security policy"
    (ii)Click on "local policies"
    (iii)Click on "user rights assignments"
    (iv)Click on "log on as a batch job"
    (v)Click on "add" and add the user that was entered in the "normal username" or "privileged  username" section of the EM Console.
2. Go to the Preferences link in the EM
   (i)Click on Preferred Credentials (link on the left menu) 
   (ii)Under "Target Type: Host" click on "set credentials"
   (iii)Enter the OS user who has logon as a batch job privilege into the "normal username" and "normal password" fields
3. Test the connection
    (i)While in the Set Credentials window, click on "Test"
It worked for her. EM of 10g is very nice but I find it really tricky at times and posts of the questions that I see on
Oracle Forums about EM are from the category that its not working or they are not able to log  in from it. Well despite all the issues and problems, its a nice tool I must say.


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