Friday, March 28, 2008

Oracle Forums Down, Again....

I visit Oracle Forums  pretty often. At least when I am at home or I am able to have internet access for some time when I am traveling,I like to have a visit there for sure. Its a good place to learn, share and some time have a little fun also. Well for the fun part, I am among the most responsible persons over there with Maran, Khurram and Sidhu. We people create a lot of humor with our posts.

Oracle sites are pretty stable most of the times. But I got very surprised to see that in the last 3 days only , forums have come down 3 times. That's not a good sign if you ask me. Just now when I am writing this , its again down from last 15 minutes and if you ask me , its a big downtime. I hope everything is fine at the maintenance end. If this is going to be in the same fashion, it will create a big havoc among thousands of forum visitors. Lets see what happen? At the moment, F5 is the only key that I am having my finger upon :-).


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