Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blogging Woes....

I never thought that I too would write about any trouble about blogging and blog sites. I never had much trouble except once when I had to configure my blog over my web site. It is on Some how I was not able to do it for some time but than I made it through. Well about that blog, its going to be having some posts soon( hopefully). As of now, its just created. Except this, there was not much error/trouble that I faced ever. But there was some thing wrong some where last night. Normally people say Blogger is not stable. But last night, I guess both Blogger and Wordpress, some how behaved like a spoiled child only. I wrote 2 posts both at a difference of about 2 hours but to my amazement, none of them were visible. Funny part was that they both were shown in my blog editors but still the editors were not able to show them up. There was so much of trouble. I edited, re-edited, re-wrote the blog posts too but nothing. And blogger was throwing 502,temporary unavailable service and actually it was not blogger too but Google which was showing that. Some how some way it was too much of pain. Finally it did get sort out. Now I have to see whether this one does come up nicely or not? If you are reading it, it did :-).


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