Friday, March 28, 2008

CCD To Bakery....

I like to go to Cafe Coffee Day very much. There are two reasons for it. One that I like the different flavors of coffee which are there. Second and I guess the most important one is that I like to sit there with myself. The location where I go is having a special corner portion where they have one table for 2 persons. Its bit isolated from the entire cafe but still we can see the entire outside location from the glass wall. Long time back, I used to long to go over there with some one who promised me that she would visit there with me but that never happened. Anyways, this is not about that. This is about that today I had to meet my accountant for some tax issue. So I thought why not I would go and have a visit to CCD also. Well I did go to my accountant and after that I did even route to CCD. But I don't know what happened to me that I just turned back saying to myself that no, its okay. I shall go some other time. So I got back and while on the way back to home, I stopped at a bakery where I am going since I was a kid. I sat over there for a while, had a pastry with small coke and came back home. I was sitting alone there too and was thinking about some things that happened in the past. Some times , memories don't let you stay calm and especially when those memories come and haunt you than there is no chance that you will get any peace anywhere. It was a long time since I had visited that bakery too so it was a good feeling. But there was this feeling too that I didn't visit CCD.I shall see that if I shall get a chance tomorrow, may be I shall go there.


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