Monday, March 24, 2008

Back To Home....

Yes I got back last evening. It was a long and grueling tour. Some how,I was so much tired in doing it. And to make things more interesting, I fell sick and that too not just sick but a very bad one sick. It was so much difficult to say a word as throat was completely blocked and there was so much pain in standing too. All I did was pushed myself so that I wont stop the program. By grace of god, that didn't happen and I finished the program with a good note. The audience was great as like always. The first week audience was really fun loving and created a lot of humour in the program. Its always great to be with so much genius people and share what ever little you know. The program went smoothly.  All were smiling and I guess that's what I expect to see all the time.

It was nothing unusual that happened except for my sickness. But yes, there are a lot of "not-so-good" things happening and there are a few which has already happened. I am upset from a lot of things, and from some persons very much at this moment. I am not sure why is it so bad to be good in today's times?  Sounds weird isn't it? Yes it is and I am trying to find the answer myself. I shall be going to bed now again as I am feeling so much tired. There are couple of things that I would be talking about lately so watch out. Till then, adios!


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