Thursday, September 29, 2011

TTD(The Traveling Day) Is Here….

I just finished my session here  and have come back to my guest house. Session went well and though few delegates found it hard to cope with the module’s toughness, all appreciated it in general and mentioned that they did like it so much! All the delegates were very friendly and eager to learn the module. One thing, which I would always remember that all took the snaps of the explanation that I gave on the whiteboard . Now, if I shall be asked, I would say that it was of no use but still, I felt so happy to see it happening! All left with a smile on their face and all asked for my email and phone number(which I gladly gave) showing a clear sign that they all liked the session! Thanks to all the delegates for coming to the session and I hope it was productive for them!

Its time now to start getting ready for the travel back to home. I was going to have some free time (not much but just 4 days) but seems that would not be happening anymore as I just got a call for another program starting in between. I am so wishing that it won’t come and I shall be able to take some rest! Time to start packing the bag!


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