Thursday, September 15, 2011

Long, Frustrating Days….

It was a very rainy day today and after a long time, I got completely drenched in rain while going to work. It would be a lot of fun to see it happening had it been a normal day but I was working and that took away the entire fun. On top of it, the work is also getting effected by the reasons that are not in my control and there is nothing else which makes me more upset than feeling helpless.

I am handling a web-conferencing session. The module, like all the other modules which I have taken so far, is very tough but being virtual for the delegates and they being invisible to me(they can see me, I can’t see them), the word “tough” has touched just another level! And to make matters more worse, there has been TONS of issues coming up since the first day of the session! I can control my own delivery, the way I do explain things, I understand and make understand others the topic but if there is network drop happening all of a sudden making my voice disappear for the delegates, for this, I have no control, I can’t control it! And when you are “face” of everything, even though when its not your fault, your mistake, your problem, the entire things comes over you only and that’s what is happening with me too! The delegates are very co-operative and despite all the hurdles, are still smiling and not saying anything bad/rude except sending the sad(:-() emoticons in the chat window(which is just so kind of them). But I know, its very frustrating for them to experience something like this in a session for which they have paid a very huge amount! As much it is troubling them, in the same amount if not more, its making me upset and frustrated as well! I am trying all the options to get things in order and after 2.5 days of doing all what is possible, things are looking to become a little smooth(today’s half day was a little better than the last 2.5 days) but unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day of the session and so far, in my opinion, this hasn’t come as a very good experience!

Its one day only left for the session tomorrow and I just hope that it starts and ends properly without any major issues. Its getting late and I am so much tired so will close here only. Hope I shall be able to post tomorrow that all went well! Time to crash for now!


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