Friday, September 23, 2011

And Its Completed….

Finally, I have finished this week’s session of mine and I am happy to say that it went well too. It was a tiring week but still, at the end, it feels nice to light that bulb on the delegate’s head and to hear from them that they did like the delivery and also the instructor. All the delegates were really so friendly, especially two who really made the entire week’s sessions very lively. And all of them were very eager to learn the module even when it wasn’t going to be used in their day to day work and the best part is that they did mention that this session has helped them in understanding this technology more clearly and now they are feeling more confident to talk to their actual, hard-core database staff who actually handles all of the stuff that we discussed. All of them had a smile on their face and few, also asked for my email id,two confirmed signs that they did like the session. And also, in the official rating, there were couple of very kind comments about me along with, probably the shortest comment that I EVER got, A+! Yes, that’s it! But I believe, that does reflects completely that whoever has given that, has given this grade to me and to the entire session. Thanks so much everyone who came and attended the session from the bottom of my heart! It was a great session and that did happen only because of you and also, thank you all so much for your kind comments and co-operation. I hope and wish that I shall meet you all soon again in some another session!

Though I am done with this week’s session, that doesn’t bring a little rest for me since I have another session scheduled right away from this Monday. And the worse part, I have the ongoing flight from Chandigarh which means, there would be a travel needed further from Delhi to either my home or to Chandigarh. If I shall go to home(which is less likely because it would be a lot of travel then for me) than its still okay as I would get to stay at home, even when it would be just for a night only. But if I shall go to Chandigarh than I would need to search a hotel to stay there. So, I still am not sure what would I do! Let’s see what happens. Hope I shall get a little rest after the next week’s session, if not, just 3-4 days would be enough. I am REALLY feeling tired and burnt out and I guess, I deserve this much of rest at least.

Before I shall close the post, its important to mention the short sight-seeing, courtesy of my colleagues.

I have mentioned before couple of times that I have already come to this location several times. But there is never that I went out to see any place here.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t go out at all, I did! As a matter of fact, I remember each and every place where I went including every single thing of those short travels! The details of those short commutes, I won’t mention because they won’t mean to anyone anything else except to me! Anyways, coming back to what I was saying, I didn’t go to anywhere explicitly ever because  any sort of sight seeing was (and NEVER ever will be) a matter of concern for me. Even when the last time I came, all I did was a to and fro walk from my hotel to my office(which is in the same building of the Garden's mall) and was back in my room after finishing the day. This time also, it was the same. My colleagues from education division, when came to know that I never went anywhere, not even to that mall too that’s just linked to my hotel from inside of it, they looked more shocked than surprised! Since I wasn’t going to tell them why I came whenever I came here so I just stood there carrying my signature smile( which very few can tell that it’s not for real actually) on my face and said, “just didn’t get time :-)” ! As expected, a weird look was there on their face and they said that they would take me to some where this time, to which I replied that during the session, I don’t go anywhere. They appeared like not ready to accept any excuse of mine and said that they would not take too much of my time and after spending a little time out, would drop me back to hotel too. I tried my best to decline but when saw that its not working and they are so keen, finally I said yes. So they took me to show the towers. We walked over there for some time. They asked me whether I want to do any shopping for myself? Since its something which I never did when it comes to me and wasn’t going to do this time either so I said no and finally, they dropped me back to my hotel and also told that next time, I must come with a day or two free with me so that they can take me around and show the place. Though I knew that its never going to happen,I still said “yes sure” and said goodbye to them. Below are the 3 pics of mine which were clicked.

me me1 me2

Okay, since I have a flight to catch so it would be better to start the packing and also to get ready now. Hope I shall be able to decide while sitting in the flight that where I am going to go, either to Chandigarh or home and also to catch some sleep.


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