Saturday, September 17, 2011

Traveling(Overseas) Again Tomorrow….

Yes, its traveling time once again and it would be an overseas trip. If you are a regular here, you already must be aware that I finished a session today only and I desperately needed some rest but instead of that, I shall be traveling tomorrow only for this program. Normally, I start on Sunday but since its an overseas trip, I need to travel tomorrow only, not something that I really would like to do after a long and tiring session but work is work and there are no choices in it! It wasn’t confirmed that I am going or not. I was in my session today when I got the email of confirmation and details of other logistic stuff.

Where I am going? Well, to one of those two destinations for which first, I fought that I must be sent there, then stepped back (got taunts, insults, became an epicenter of jokes) myself and then sent again there! This is the place where I have been so many times already. In fact, this is the place which was my travel destination when I stepped out from my home for the very first time( I hadn’t gone to Delhi even before I had travelled there). For the very first time in my life, when I stepped out to travel some where, it was an overseas location and it was this location. All the travel that I have done to any other overseas location so far is due to work only always, except for this one! This is the destination where I never traveled due to any work or for any professional reasons.  Then why did I go there? I won’t answer it because its not the place to answer it . I really don’t care what anyone has to say about it, what anyone wants to think about it, I really don’t care at all! If anyone would call it an exaggerated statement that each time I went there, I made it possible by putting my blood and soul in the process and I got it done using all what I had and pushing myself to my limits, without taking any sort of help from anyone, well, I really don’t care about it too! And the same is true for the other destination for which I know how much efforts I had to put to grab a chance to go there. And finally when it all set and was ready to happen, I opted out of it myself. As I just said, it created how much big scene and how many troubles for me, no one else but me only knows!

The place where I am going tomorrow, this would be my second professional visit and overall, third visit there within this year. I remember how I made so many people mad to get the tour officially and when it didn’t happen, I started the quest to do it myself and I got it done just a day before my birthday and it was again not for any professional reasons. I went, came back and after few days, I was in the hospital, almost dead, but unfortunately, I didn’t die! Anyways, second time, I was sent there few weeks back about which I wrote here and  I knew that I shall be sent again. Don’t ask how did I know, I just knew! And not just this only, I am going to travel to Melbourne and Sydney as well very soon. I was supposed to be going this time for a very long duration but I believe, that’s not what is going to happen due to business reasons. But still, though the long stay got cancelled, the travel remains. I believe its not important to mention that the program is going to be very tough that I am going to handle there. Hope all goes fine! Its going to be a long day tomorrow so I should try to take some rest. Already, a bad headache has started and without taking rest, even for a short while too may be, it would become just worse! Good night.


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