Friday, September 16, 2011

At Last, A Happy Ending With Smiles & Satisfaction….

I have just come back home. Though it was a HUGE rainfall but somehow, I managed to get home without getting wet(got my share of being wet yesterday only). I shall be leaving for an overseas trip tomorrow only which means there is no time for sit back and enjoy but about that will be in a subsequent post. This one is about the program that I just finished today.

If you are a regular here, you must have read the last post in which I had mentioned that how tough it is going for me in the current program to handle things. And nothing which I was struggling to control was related to my skills! I don’t manage (I don’t have to) logistics but because they play a huge role especially when you are not standing face-to-face in front of the delegates! Think about it that when the only mode of connectivity is internet(it was an online session) and that itself stops working, what would be the mental status of the delegates and when you can’t do anything about it, how would you feel about it? That’s what I had been seeing and facing since the start of this session, a lot of issues in almost everything! Though there were constant efforts to get things in order too but still, it was VERY frustrating! Though all this was happening but the delegates were still very co-operative and friendly and didn’t say anything much except mentioning it couple of times that its not a good thing and I knew that they are right! Still, some how, days passed and we came to the last and final day, today!

Despite of all the issues that we faced(which didn’t leave us today as well), I tried my best to make things remain as smooth as possible. All I could control was delivery and that’s not dependant on any logistics. I may be in whatever condition, as long as I can speak and am in my senses, I can deliver and when I stand to talk, I give it my best shot, each and every time of it! Delegates were kind enough to take a note of it and because of it may be, they gave a VERY good rating! I must be honest in saying that I didn’t expect that rating to come but my joy knew no bounds when I read the comments and checked the final score! I won’t mention the score but here is one of the comments that I got,

Aman Conducted the class in an excellent manner, and all Practical issues that we face in real time scenarios were also answered. Apart from answering the questions Aman also provided some good links and Books that really helped in understanding the concepts

Besides this, my colleague and friend, who is the in-charge of these online sessions for all the technical things did send me a DM(direct message) telling that the delegates have asked me only for the next session! What more can one ask for to know that he is liked by the delegates? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be with the delegates in their next session because I am already scheduled somewhere else but still, just to know that  I was asked for made me feel so happy! I can’t say anything else except thanks to all the delegates for their kind words, support and for being so co-operative even when the things were going really tough! Thanks to all and it was my pleasure to be with you guys! Hope I shall be able to with you all in some other program and also, that program would be a normal session so that I don’t have to show me through a webcam and speak through a microphone :-) .

At last, a big burden from my head is relieved and I can now start packing my bags for tomorrow’s travel!


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