Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Fun Filled Saturday….

I came back home yesterday after a tiring travel. I did travel the same distance that I cover up all the time but may be, not being well actually did make the journey more longer. But still, I made it to home and I believe, I shall be at home for another 5 days, I am just happy! Health is still the same(probably a little more messed up now because I didn’t take rest yesterday) but that’s okay given the fact that I did have a little fun yesterday.

In my last travel, when I was at Banglore, laundry people tore apart one of my favorite shirt. Though the hotel management did got me the shirt’s cost refunded and also returned me the torn apart shirt too(not sure what I am going to do with it though) , I still needed to buy one now. So I got one from M & S . One of my colleagues(who is also my teacher) always complains that I mostly have Blue colored shirts only and I believe this also is the same :-) .


Well, I think its still nice and moreover, its not the usual check or stripe that I buy. Yes, its still bluish but I guess its okay and since I have already purchased it now so nothing can be done either :-).

Though I had bought the above one but I still thought that I should get one more and that shouldn’t be in Blue. So yesterday, I decided to go for a little shopping alone and see if I could find a nice non-blue shirt. There are several shopping malls in my city and I thought to check Westend Mall. It has a large variety of stores and I got into one of my favorite ones, Planet Fashion. After searching through couple of designs, I finally selected the below shirt from Louis Philippe.


Nice isn’t it? And hey, its not Blue even :-) .

Once I got my shirt, I saw that there were two stalls lined in the ground floor lobby of the mall by Samsung and HTC  displaying Galaxy tab 10.1 and HTC Evo 3D. Given the fact that I really love to check (and buy) new gadgets, I decided to stop at both the stalls and check what the guys and gals had to say about the products. Well, it turned out that besides gals wearing skimpy clothes and make-up and guys having gel in their hair and tattoo’s on their arms, and holding the products in their hands , they had no idea what the products were up to, what were their specs and all that! Yes, they were trying really hard to act smart but it wasn’t working out,at least it didn’t work out for me. The Samsung stall crew simply handed me over the tablet and flee away. Over the HTC stall, there were 5 gals and one guy and I guess one another gal who was their boss or something like that. The gals just knew that its a “3D phone” and the guy didn’t even know that whether EVO has a dual core processor or not. When I asked the “boss” gal whether she has any clue, she said that she has just come from Delhi the last night and it was so much raining there so she is very tired and doesn’t know anything, whatever that means! Well, I picked up a brochure of left. I am sure they must be cursing me for eating their head but hey, I was just a curious customer and I was really looking forward to get to know the products a little better. I even told the HTC crew that I have already Incredible - S and what I am looking from them is the answer that why I should buy a new EVO but they had no clue neither had any answer. After wasting almost 20 minutes on both the stalls, I just left for the final agenda of my day, to watch a 5D movie show!

Few months back, when I was at Hyderabad, I had seen a 4d movie show with my friend Sidhu. It was a terrific experience since it was the first time I saw such thing. While doing the Google search for the same thing that if its there in my city too, I came to know that it is available now at MBD Neopolis shopping mall and moreover, its a 5D show, which means even more effects! So I decided to give it a go yesterday. When I checked the place, I was told that there is a movie show and also there is a “horror walk” that’s also possible and if one buys a combo, its cheaper. Well, no points in guessing what I did! The walk was “okay” and wasn’t scary at all though there were few gals who came out screaming and crying :-) . The only thing that I found interesting in it was a bridge walk which was superb! With lights and other effects, it does appears that the bridge is going to tilt and you are going to actually fall down! That was really good for me! The movie show was showing the same movie that I had seen already at Hyderabad, Haunted House. Though it was the same movie, the effects were much more stronger in this show that I saw yesterday. I shall give a try some other time for some another movie as well. It was a very good experience and I didn’t feel that I had wasted my money . There were few other fellow viewers and with their screams, it became actually a haunted “show” :-) .

After getting done, I had a salad and coffee from a snack outlet called Gigabyte in the same mall and returned back to home!

It was a good day passed. I got a nice shirt(hopefully), watched a 5D horror movie, played with new HTC Evo and Samsung’s Galaxy tab 10.1 and had a tasty fruit salad with coffee. The only thing that turned out to be not-so-good that after coming back, I was tired like anything and fever got increased :-( . I know, its my fault that it did happen. I should had stayed at home, slept and taken some rest but I didn’t do any of this so it was sure to happen. I guess its time now to check with a doctor and take proper medicine for it. I have a session coming up in just 2 days for me and it would be very tough to handle it while being sick!


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