Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ Vs Facebook, Where It Will Stop….

There is no particular reason for this post but I just thought to put it together when I read the announcements on the Google’s blog about the new updates they have done among a major one that now Google+ is free for all! And just at the same time, I got an email from Facebook about a change that they have started to put about the notification emails. So reading about all this, I just thought that I shall put my thoughts about the two company’s battle here. I am in my session but my delegates are busy finishing their lab practices and I have some time free with me so here it goes!

Apple’s Steve Jobs said that year 2011 is going to be the year of iPad2. No, I haven’t yet bought it and I have no plans to buy it at the moment too. Yes, I am planning(really seriously) to buy a new laptop because my current one has started giving me issues like BSOD. It also has become very old and I must get a new one now. I hope I shall get one soon(fingers crossed) but iPad is not something that I am sure about yet. Since rumors are cooking pretty hot that Apple is going to launch(or at least announce) the next generation of ipad, ipod and an iphone soon, I shall probably wait for it. But the point that I have in mind right now is that year 2011 is not just the year of ipad but also the year for wars between Google and Facebook and its just becoming more and more serious since the launch of Google’s Google+ social networking site.

If you haven’t yet check Google+ , you should give it a try. Its a social networking site from Google and in my believe, (still) is much neat and clean than Facebook. There is no farm to take care or restaurants to run over it yet. Yes, there are games already on it but its not that cluttered as they are on Facebook. Google has announced on its official blog that its no longer requiring any invitations to get into. I was probably among those few selective ones who got the invite on the 2nd day of its launch(profile link is on the right hand side) but now, its available for everyone. The nice thing is circles that let you add anyone without even being a friend to them. There are many new features being added to Google+ almost daily as mentioned here. Yes, many still ask the question that why this when already we have Facebook but may be, being a complete IT geek, I am not bothered about this question. Google couldn’t come up with a reasonable challenge for Facebook before this and with this, they have , at least gave Facebook some moments of restlessness for sure because, now Facebook is coming up with the similar features like Google+.

Facebook, since the launch of Google+ , has introduced noticeably two new features for its users, Facebook Lists and Facebook Subscribe, both are simply the copy of the feature given by Google+ Circles. The Lists features allows you to make lists of the friends and share the content according to your closeness with them. For example, some are your work colleagues and you don’t want to show them your personal pictures and some things are just meant for the family so you want to show them only to family members and neither to friends nor colleagues, lists can help you in solving all this!  The other feature is a complete copy of circle. If you are on Facebook and you don’t want to add someone as your friend(or may be you can’t because he/she may not allow because you don’t know him/her) , you can still subscribe to their updates using it. Just in the same way, Google+ lets you add people to their circles! If you are a friend with someone already and they have allowed this service, you should be able to see a “subscribed” button on their profile. So if you find and come to know that your favorite movie actor/actress, singer, whoever is on facebook, you can still be a part of their public updates, just like the way you can do it using circles in Google+.

Sounds like a toe-to-toe competition isn’t it? And didn’t I say that the year 2011 is not going to be just the year for ipad? I can’t see this madness getting stopped any time soon. Its like the “last person standing” battle and it would be interesting to see who would have the final laugh between Google and Facebook!

And leaving these talks aside, am getting back to my session now!


Anonymous rashmi said...


very informative post Mr. Sharma.. Though i am not a regular fb user neither i have signed in on google+, still enjoying their war...

September 21, 2011 4:08 PM  

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