Friday, September 09, 2011

Ten Long Days….

Its the 10th day of the continuous working for me and I am just so glad that I shall be having some free time to get relaxed from tomorrow. I really need some time at home to get my self a little more calm and free from anger, being upset, feelings that I have from the last few days. Besides that, I am not feeling well at all and that’s what also needs to be taken care of as I am having a session at overseas coming up in just a few days and that would be the worst thing if I shall get to travel being sick and remain in the same way while being away from home.

The last session, which did happen at Gurgaon, probably was one of the best ones for me. I really really love to be at Delhi and the other places and its just unfortunate that I don’t get much chances to be there. But whatever chance I get, I try not to miss it and always, its an amazing experience for me. The ambience of the place, food, delegates of my session, all just make the whole experience so nice and worthwhile! That’s the same happened last week as well. It was a session where I had again met some delegates whom I met some 4 years back and obviously, there were some new delegates there as well. It was a fun-filled and a very interesting session. All the delegates were really friendly, very co-operative and also, very keen to know the module as well, in short, a mix of all what is needed to make a good session the best one! It went on very well and all the delegates gave me some of the finest comments and the rating was just superb, in fact for this module, I guess probably the highest! What more I can say than saying thanks to all the delegates for making the session and the week one of the best ones for me! Thanks so much everyone and I just hope to meet you all soon in some another session soon enough! 

As soon as the last week’s session got finished, I had to fly here, one of my favorite places, Hyderabad, for another session and without any break to get relaxed.

The session that I was doing here was the next release of the module that I took the previous week. Rest all the things were fine except for my mood which took a huge roller coaster ride and is bad like hell! And so is the health of mine, a really bad headache and from last 2 days, fever is there. Two things which are good enough to make me feel like half dead. Anyways, the best thing is that the session got finished really well and I am just so happy because of it! About the mood, its still the same and so is the health but I can forget it for the moment, at least for the moment when I am sitting here and writing this post. In the session, I again met few delegates along with some new one, whom I met about 5 years back and thanks so much to their kindness, they still did remember me! Though I really was not in myself completely both mentally and physically, the session went extremely well! Thanks so much to all the delegates, its always a pleasure to be here at Hyderabad for me and its an honor to discuss whatever little I know with you, I mean it! Thanks so much and I just hope I shall get a chance to come back again ASAP!

I shall be getting ready now to start of my travel. Its going to be a long travel but since its for going back to home, its completely worth it! I shall be at home for the next week for an online session and after that it would be an overseas travel lined up. Hope all goes well and above all, I really wish and hope that my mood becomes a little better so does the health. Anyways, its time to see where is my cab and get a cup of coffee. Have a nice weekend all! Adios!


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