Monday, September 19, 2011

So Naive….

At times, even when you are so much sensible, you still act so naive! That’s the same what I did today!

If you have been a regular over here, you must be knowing that I am traveling at the moment to an overseas location. I have written a little about this location and my relation with it in some previous posts. One thing that I have mentioned couple of times is that I haven’t traveled here, except for the last and this travel, for any professional reasons. I haven’t (and won’t) mentioned  for what other reasons I came here because those reasons matter and are important only to me and not to anyone else. So don’t bother asking about them and that’s not the point of this post as well.

I might have written a little (or more, whatever) about my travel here but one thing that I haven’t mentioned ever that whenever I came here, a sound of door knock(yes, a door knock) is what I have waited to hear all the time. That sound always brought up a smile on my face, a true and genuine smile which doesn’t come up often to me! Yes, I do smile but 9/10 times, its just to show a smiling face and is not a true one! I am not making any sense? Sounds bizarre? Well, I don’t mean to be rude but you may stop reading if it is all sounding insane to you and you are thinking that it all is making no sense whatsoever! I know what I am talking about it and even it may sound complete non-sense to anyone else,  it still makes a perfect sense for me! Anyways, that’s door knock is something which I never mentioned till today because I again heard it today, and for a moment, even though I knew back in my head that its not true, I still assumed that it has come from the same source!

Didn’t I say already that I acted so naive?

I didn’t have the coffee maker in my room. I was told at the reception that its going to be there but when I checked in the room, it wasn’t there and I didn’t bother about it either.  Today, when I came back from office at about 6pm( I am staying very near to my office, a minute’s walk away only) and changed clothes, I hear the sound of door knock on my door. There was no one I was expecting, there is no one who would visit to me when I am here, there was nothing that I had ordered( I am fasting anyways today because its Monday) so the knock came out of nowhere. And normally, when this door knock came out of nowhere here, it meant only one reason for me! No, not going to mention the reason! For a split moment, I just thought of the same reason despite knowing that it can’t be the one! Heck, I even looked through the peephole but there was no one outside and again, I just thought of the same reason that why I can’t see the person standing outside! Its just when I opened the door, I saw that a short height lady from the housekeeping was standing there, holding that damn coffee maker with a note personally written from the head of house keeping that they forgot it yesterday and now sending it. I just said thanks and closed the door. I knew it wasn’t going to be what I was thinking, I knew that its just me and my bloody mind playing games with me, but still, for a split moment, I just wished to be wrong! Just like when I reach the airport, I ….never mind.

That’s about it! I know it may not make any sense to just anyone who would read it and its okay. I didn’t want it to make sense to anyone too. I know the meaning of each and every word that I have written and its enough! I guess, I must get back to work that I need to finish after wiping these damn tears which never ask from me my permission to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but it makes perfect sense to me!

September 22, 2011 3:42 PM  

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