Sunday, April 03, 2011

WoooHooo We Are World Champions Baby….

In case you were not watching the final match of Cricket World Cup 2011 between India and Sri Lanka, this is just to tell that India has become the world champion! WOOOHOOO WOOOHOOOO YEEEEEYYYYYYY! I know nothing about this game, NOTHING but still, I am so happy, I am really really so much happy! When I was born, two years after that, India did become the world champion at that for the first time. But at that time, (obviously) I had no idea what happened and how important and big it was for us! But now, after 28years of that event, when I am 30 years old, India has done it again and did it with not just any fluke or so, India did it with just pure talent! We, India, have beaten three time world champion Australia(my personal favorite)  , Pakistan in this world cup tournament and in the finals, we competed head-to-head , looked right into the eyes of our opponents , gave them a real tough competition and most importantly, won the quest! I am just so happy, so much for India, for Indian cricket team and to each and every person who wished and prayed for this to happen! I absolutely hate Munaf Patel but just for today, I shall loosen up a bit and convey my best wishes to him too because he also was a part of the winning team and in the last few games, he did some good things for the team and contributed positively. My friends Amardeep, Ankit, Anand, Neeraj and me as well, we all were getting crazy from the last few days thinking and worrying about the final results and I am just so glad that we finally are able to see that result only which we expected and wanted to witness! Given the fact that we already have had the toughest of the games in this world cup and despite this too that we did win those tough games too, still it wasn’t a journey filled with roses for us at all.  But all said and done, winning the finals is not comparable with anything else and guess what, we have just did win the grand finale today! So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s done, it’s official, it’s true that we, India are world champions of cricket and we are going to be holding the crown till the next 4 years :) . Once again, my heartiest congratulations to entire India, to cricket team of India and all who contributed in any ways for it, hats off to you guys and thank you so much for giving us these proud moments of victory! And in the last, a picture of team India after winning the cup,



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