Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Two Lines But So True….

Since the delegates in my session are busy doing the lab practice and I am not feeling well enough to study, I was looking for something good to read and what can be better than a piece of poetry which you find so true? And as I said in the title, it’s just two lines but what is said in these two lines, is absolutely true. Have a read,

Us ki jafaon ne mujhe ek tehzeeb sikha di hai,
Main rote hue so jata hun par shikwa nahi karta!


And it’s meaning in English is,

Her cruelty has taught me an etiquette,

I sleep while being in tears but still don’t complain!


I think I must get back to my session and see what the delegates are doing? And about the poetry, isn’t it amazing?


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