Monday, April 11, 2011


I have reached at Chennai and would be starting up the session tomorrow. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a real tough one. Why? Well, I don’t know why because it’s a hunch but most often, my hunches do no prove to get wrong. Anyways, whatever will happen, I shall only come to know tomorrow. About the travel, it was a lighter one. There isn’t much distance from Banglore to Chennai and my flight took just an hour(or even lesser than that, about 45 minutes) to get here. I was having two options for the flight, at 6am and 2pm and I picked the later one. I thought it would be better to reach here in the evening and take some rest rather than staying the entire day here alone. Though I was alone at Banglore too but still, the place where I stay there is very lively and because of this, its easy to pass time there even just by sitting in the garden outside the hotel and watch people. So it was a correct decision to come here in the evening. It was a little scary drive though from hotel to the airport because the driver of my cab was falling asleep almost in every few minutes. I even asked him to stop the car and wash his face(which he did too) but still, that didn’t help him much. We were about to hit the rear of a truck when he just pulled the breaks hearing my loud "STOP”! But, since I am writing this post sitting here, this means that I am still alive(unfortunately for few who would be really happy once I shall be dead). There was nothing else unusual which did happen. There wasn’t much rush on the airport which was a nice surprise. There was still one unfortunate incident which did happen on the airport when a gal slid down on the floor really badly. It was this much severe she broke one of her front tooth and was bleeding so much. I was sitting just beside that place and I immediately made her sit(she didn’t even get up for a minute or so) and then made her sit on the chair. By that time, few other passengers also rushed towards her. She was crying with so much of pain and also because of this that she lost the front tooth and being a gal, it would effect her a lot. Though there are workarounds to sort it out but still, till it wouldn’t get sort out, it would be a trouble for her. Another trouble for her was(I believe ) that she was traveling alone and that’s the last thing that you can ask for to happen when you get an injury and that too away from your home. One another fellow female passenger took her to washroom to get her face cleaned and I called up the airline staff to take her to some medical facility. Not sure what would had happened to her there but she wasn’t in a very good condition when I sent her with the airline ground staff. Hope she gets better soon.

Speaking about sickness, I myself am having a really bad headache right now when I am writing this post. Along with this, the right elbow of mine which got hurt few weeks back, hasn’t got cured. I still can’t keep it on the solid surface because when I do so, it hurts just  so much. And from the past few weeks, the other elbow of mine, which has a fracture in it, has also started hurting so badly for god-knows-what reasons. When I shall go back home, I shall try to get some time out and visit a bone specialist for my right elbow(nothing much can be done for left one except that it needs to get operated, something which I don’t want to do). Hope the doc would be able to do something to at least to get the pain relieved a little.

Its midnight (and Monday) already and I should be asleep but there is no sign of sleep in the eyes. May be I need to see some doctor for this too :) . Have a happy Monday and a great week ahead!


Blogger Preethe said...

hmm good.
I hope you are finlly settled in Chennai, for the session .. I am sure Hot chocolate and Barista would make you feel at home :P

April 12, 2011 10:49 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

LOL Not really sure about it actually. By the time, I shall feel like home, it would be time for me to leave :) .

Thanks for stopping by here.


April 13, 2011 10:46 AM  

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