Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Short But Good Trip Is Over….

If you are a regular here, you must have read this and also must be aware that I was at Chennai. I have finished my session which was a relatively short but it was a good one. With a holiday in between, I also got  some time to get myself relaxed a little, a not-so-often thing but a nice thing for sure.

The session, in my opinion, did go well. I can’t be really sure about it as I am still waiting for the official review to come but I am still hopeful that it should be okay. Reason, well as I have mentioned couple of times before too, if the delegates, while leaving on the last day, have a smile on their face, do ask you about your email and contact details, it means that you didn’t bore them for the last few days and they did like what you said, if not much, at least somewhat and they did find out that you are a person to get in touch later too when they would have troubles with the oracle database. So on that account, I think the things went well. It was a very nice, fully packed session with the delegates from diversified technical backgrounds. Though it was a really hectic schedule but I did try to make sure that I keep the environment within the session somewhat light so that the delegates won’t feel drained out from LOTS of knowledge being bombarded over them. I did try my best but thanks to a really tight schedule, I did hear this from few that they are indeed feeling that a lot is being told to them and they are not really able to keep up with the pace of that knowledge bombardment. Well, I can’t help much in it because I know, in any full day schedule, that’s bound to happen. Still, the delegates did confirm that despite that there is a lot being told to them, they are finding the entire module very informative and they would use all the info somewhere for sure in their work environment. I think that’s a really good thing to hear because if a delegate can’t translate the knowledge given to him in his work and can’t take back that info with him, his time has got wasted then sitting in the session and I really really hate if that would happen. I put a lot of effort to ensure that it won’t happen at all and I was happy to hear that it didn’t happen. The delegates were really good, friendly and keen to know more about everything whatever was being told to them, all the signs of an excellent audience. It was a short session(3 days only) but still, due to elections happening at Tamilnadu, we got a day off in that short schedule as well. I didn’t do anything much on that day. There were couple of news that I got to hear on that day though and not all were so pleasant if one would ask me. Anyways, it was still  a good thing to get a break between the schedule and I really feel, if that can happen all the time, it would help a lot both, the delegates and me to get a little relaxed, revive ourselves and be ready for the remaining portion of the schedule in a better way. But it’s a day dream only and it won’t ever happen :( . Anyways, it was just one day after the holiday for us within the session. Besides the technical talk,I did encourage the delegates to be as much as social as possible as that’s a really good way to get acquainted with what’s happening with Oracle database community. I hope that the delegates would accept my suggestion and it would help them in their journey of learning and working with oracle database. In the end, as I mentioned before, they all had a smile on their face and all took my contact information which IMO, is a good sign. For me,it was a good session and honor that I could share some of the little knowledge of mine with the delegates, a really tough thing to do when you know just a thing or two about such a massive piece of software. Thanks a lot everyone, it was a great time spent and I hope that I was able to share some info that would be productive and useful for you in the near future. Now, I believe I shall have some free time with me. I am not so sure about it yet but I am trying to get few days, 2-3 at least , free and get myself relaxed a little. Yes, I am a human too and I also feel tired :) . Time now to have a cup of tea.

Oh, how could I forget it? In the session, two delegates, when came along with me for tea, so where do you live in Italy? Italy, who, me? I didn’t even get the question for a minute but when I realized what they asked, I asked them how on earth you think that I am from Italy in the first place :) ? They said that this is what they were thinking since the starting of the session that I am from Italy but then how come I have so clear flow of spoken English? HAHA now that was so delightful thing that I heard to be honest. I really wanted to say that though I am very stylish but couldn’t be at my best here in the dressing but still I am not from Italy :D! But I just said, no, I am from India only :) . Am I really that stylish, I guess the answer is hmmm _ _ (if you think that you got the answer, I can assure you that you didn’t ;-) ).


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Good post!!
Stylish!! hmmmm
Will confirm it after we meet in Hyderabad :P

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