Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holiday, Oh Yeah…

Did the title of the post sound that I am really happy that I got a break between my schedule of today, thanks to the elections happening at Chennai? Well, guess what, I really was happy till yesterday and till sometime by this morning too. But that was then, right now, I am not really bothered about this holiday because some other things have taken control over my mind and the sense of having a holiday has just flew off from the window. But I still couldn’t think of any other title except the one that I have used. if it did send a wrong message, well, I can’t do anything in it.

The very first thing that I got to hear today was a schedule for me that was for an overseas location. If one knows me, I am working really hard and when I say hard, it really does mean it. So given that reason, I would have accepted the schedule but I didn’t. And I shall try my best that I wouldn’t let any other schedules come along my way for the same location as well. Needless to mention, this call of mine-to reject the program, didn’t go very well with those who do the scheduling and also with the people who are from sales. I know I have made a lot of people upset but I can’t help anything in it given the fact that I am equally, if not more, upset. And guess what, that’s not the only country, keep on reading.

The second call I got was from a lawyer whom I asked to file a case of mine for the relocation of mine to an another country(no, not going to mention the name). He called up also today only to tell me that he is ready with my case and is going to file it. Well, I said no for it and asked him to return me my documents. He was baffled up like anything and also was mad like hell over me when I heard it and I can’t blame him for it as well because I was after him like anything to get it done and I don’t know how many times I told him that it must be done at any cost. Anyone, if would be pressed so hard first for something and then told that it’s not needed anymore like it’s nothing, would have the right to get upset and mad over that person who brought it all over to him and that person,in this case, is me. He hung up over me with saying this, “you know Aman, it’s a career suicide”, listening to which a smile came over my face which he (obviously) couldn’t see. Why? Because little did he know, I have committed a career suicide many years back when I tore up a letter which came to me like a piece of cake and there are suicides more than of career as well. I know what I just said doesn’t make any absolute sense but guess what, that’s what was the intention as well.

So now, from this resolution, it’s one more country which is added to an already existing list of one country and state, making it now two countries and one state(within India). But that’s what happens when someone who doesn’t get upset easily gets pissed off like hell! I don’t get upset easily, that’s a characteristic of my nature and also a trait of my sun sign, Aquarius. But on the same page, it’s not a good thing at all to make someone who doesn’t get upset often, upset. If you don’t know much about Aqua guys, read this & this. Speaking about the countries and state, one out of the two countries, I haven’t travelled yet and the other one, well, I have been there for 4 times out of which twice, I just sat in a darn hotel room for two days and then came back. I know it would be nothing for many-i.e. to travel to a foreign country and that’s the same for that person too for whom I went. When life and death of someone has no importance and meaning but study in abroad, career and better life is,  crossing oceans and traveling thousands of miles or doing something/anything obviously wouldn’t have any importance too. Very few actually know the pains and troubles that did come to get it all done though and except those people, none else would ever come to know about it ever too because if the person, for whom those things were done, couldn’t bother to understand the meaning of it, anyone else would never ever even can come closer to get that too. May be, it really isn’t a big deal but still if you want to ask what’s the importance of flowers, ask from the one who has got a fate to sleep on thorns, if you want to ask what is hunger, ask from the one who doesn’t get to eat for days and if you want to understand how tough it can be to do something when you have no help, resources and even support to do it, you need to do something like this by yourself. Than only it can be realized what it is to travel thousands of the miles? Its so easy to say that I want to study in abroad and also, a better job before anything else but what it takes to tear away a job’s offer letter for the sake of a promise, even when you know that it may be one of the biggest career suicides that you are going to commit, it’s not possible to understand when all one cares about his/her own self and nothing and no one else. It takes nothing to be selfish about yourself, wish and work for the better things and life for you but it takes a lot to leave yourself aside and do something for someone else. It really does takes a lot to do anything like this, trust me!

Last but certainly not the least thing which has spoiled the mood of mine completely is that my mom is not keeping well and also is very tensed (and me too) about something. I still have to see what would I need to do about those tensions when I shall get back home. All I can do is, besides putting my best efforts, to hope and wish that all would be fine soon but will it really be, I don’t know!


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