Thursday, April 28, 2011

Congrats Amit & Isha….

I am sitting here in the session and not really feeling well. I guess I need some rest which I am going to try to take after finishing this session. Hopefully, weekend should bring some of it for me. What has happened? Not sure actually, all I know is that I am feeling like vomiting and head is spinning like anything. Haven’t had anything since morning except for a glass of juice so can’t blame it on the food. Whatever it is, I hope its over by tonight since there is a lot that I need to do and there is no one who is going to give me a helping hand.  I shall keep this post really short given the fact that I am still in the session and it’s not a free time for me actually but I am sitting idle at the moment as the delegates are out for tea break, I thought to mention two small things out of which one is really not important but was a nice surprise but second indeed is!

As I am mostly in travels and none of that is a personal one, I get to travel via all kinds of airlines, low-cost, high-cost, cheap, you name it and I have travelled in it. Anyways, so this time it was actually a low-cost(but really good) airline for me, Indigo. They are low cost but still, extremely good for the first thing that they are really punctual. And this is one of those things which is I am really concerned about, being punctual. Be late and you have spoiled already the entire thing because I really and I mean REALLY care about being on time! Get late and you are (almost) done with me. Anyways, Indigo is really good in it and they hardly get out of the scheduled time. The staff is always nice too. The only thing which is not so good is that they don’t offer any free food which is easy to understand because that’s why their ticket price is lesser. I am not much into buying the in-flight food so I mostly will take a pass from it and the same I did this time too. I slept off when the air-hostesses were giving away the paid food. When it was about an hour left for the plane to descend, a air-hostess came to me and asked for my boarding pass. I had kept in my backpack which was placed above my seat and I told her that if she want I can get it from there but what’s the need, why she is asking for it? What she told was a nice surprise. She said that since you are a corporate  passenger Mr Sharma(I always like to hear that :-) ), there is a free mini meal that we have for you. Now,that sounded really good. Nothing is better than to get a free meal on an airline which doesn’t give anything for free except a “cup” of water( yeah cup only). I gladly said yes for it and requested her to give me a can of juice and something else than a sandwich. So she gave me an Orange juice can and a pack of salted dry fruits. Happy me! :-) .

Okay, that wasn’t probably much of the tale to be told. But the next thing is really important and I must say, I am really happy about it too. Long time back, in 2008, I had a chance to go to Allahabad for a training. It was for India Air Force officers and happened in their base office at Allahabad. It was one of the best experiences that I had since I got so much respect and love from those officers. They even gave me a big gift before I was about to leave from there. In that same session, there was an officer, who was a Punjabi guy. He initially thought that I am a very arrogant and a high attitude sort of person but later, after few days, he came to know that this is not true at all and we had a very good tuning afterwards. He is almost the same age of mine(elder actually which I came to know few days back) and is a really good person too. One day prior to my departure, he and his wife, Isha came to my hotel to meet me and we had dinner together. With a promise to be in touch, I left from there.

Time passed and I still had Amit’s number in my contact list. I even sent him text messages on various times but none of them went through. When we met last time, he told me that he is planning to come to Chandigarh. So I thought that he has finally made the move and is shifted that’s why the number is not working and my messages are not being delivered. I still had his number though( I keep the numbers all the time) . In this year starting, just before I was going to go for an overseas trip( which was the first overseas trip of this year and was a personal one and for which I worked REALLY so hard), I got a call from a girl. When I asked whose there, she said, you remember we had dinner together? Now that was something really surprising because I don’t forget anything(almost anything you can say) and I couldn’t recall that I had a dinner outside and that too with a gal. I said to her I am sorry I think I am not the right person whom you wanted to speak since I never went with you over a dinner and have no idea who you are to be honest. She said, do you remember that you came to Allahabad? Well, I certainly went so I said yes. She said, you remember you met there Amit and his wife Isha? What! I was completely shocked to hear from Isha after so many years and needless to say, I was very happy to see that both Amit and Isha, remembered me after so many years too. She said that we tried to call you many times but your phone was always off which I can completely understand because I am traveling most of the time and at that time, my mobile is off. She told me that they have moved to Banglore and next time, whenever I visit there, I must visit their place. How could I refuse to do so so I made a point that I did visit their house few weeks back when I visited Banglore. It was so good to meet both of them after so long and what was more good to see that how delighted they were to see me and how warmly they welcomed me! I don’t visit to people’s houses much. Only if I really think that the invitation is genuine, I shall do so and I was glad that I visited at Isha and Amit’s place. Isha was pregnant when I met her and she was expecting at the starting of May. I gave her my best wishes and asked Amit to give me a call right away when the good news will come. And he did call me to give the good news.

This week, just when I landed at Banglore on Sunday and was still in the plane only, I got a text from Amit that he and Isha are blessed with a baby boy. It’s after 5 years of their marriage and needless to say, he was so happy. And to hear him happy, I was also so happy. He told me that all went well and Isha and baby are still in the hospital. I asked him to let me know when both would return back to home so that I can come and see them. I am not keeping well since I have come here so I couldn’t call Amit but yesterday, I made a call to him to check that how’s everything. He said that the baby  wasn’t well from the last 2 days and so was Isha. But they are fine now and hopefully, by the end of the week, they would be back home. I shall be leaving by that time and I really don’t want to increase Amit’s problems by visiting to the hospital since he is all alone here and running from here to there by himself so I am going to visit to their home when I shall come here next time. Hopefully, all would go fine without any problems. I am just so happy for both Amit and Isha and I wish to god that the baby would fill their life with so much of happiness and smiles as they truly deserve it.

I thought it would be a small post but I guess, it finally didn’t come out to be a short one :-) . Getting back to the session now. Its almost lunch time too and given the experience of yesterday, I most probably, am going to skip it today. Let’s see what happens.


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