Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetry Once Again….

I have just woke up. Actually, that’s not correct to say because I didn’t sleep at all thanks to not feeling well at all. The tensed mind and sad heart were probably not enough that’s why fever, cold and headache also came to join the party. Anyways, I just read an old poetic snippet that I had with me from a long time but somehow I forgot about it. I just happened to see it in my repository last night when I was looking for something to read. It’s in Punjabi and it’s really good IMO.  I shall translate it’s meaning in English as well. Have a read,

Oh badle badle lagde ne,
Ohna dil uchheyan naal la laye ne!

Kehnde tuhadi na lod koi,
Asin sajjan hor bana laye ne!

Asin akhiyan bhar k keh ditta,
Jithe marji parakh k vekh lawo.

Kehnde asin tuhanu warat leya,
Hoon saanu tuhadi lod nai.

Ohde bol goonjde dil de vich,
Hoon asin haase hasne band karte.

Hoon dushman labhde firde aan,
Asin yaar banaune band karte!


And it’s translation in English,

She appeared to be a little changed now
She has relation now with the elite people.

She says that I don't need you anymore,
I have made new friend now.

With my eyes got wet with tears filled in them, I said,
Go and test whereever you want!

She said, I have used you already,
I don't need you anymore!

Now, those words echo in my heart,
I have stopped smiling completely.

Now, I look only for enemies everywhere,
I have stopped making friends!

Not sure what I can add to it from my side because it’s already so much good. When people look for just their own benefits, dreams of getting education in abroad, a better career and don’t care or bother about anything or anyone else in that process, there is only one thing that they are able to give to those who love and care them (without bothering about such things for their own) just tears, cries and a never ending pain in a pierced and shattered heart. How it feels to live with a wounded soul and a shattered heart, how much it pains, this is surely neither the problem or botheration of those who do nor they would ever be able to understand it too. Only that unfortunate soul knows it but guess what the irony is, he can’t even express his pain in words because that pain is far bigger than what words can ever possibly express. That’s why most of the times, this pain is hidden to many. The only thing that’s visible some times to the world is those wet eyes which get filled with tears just like that but even that’s not a good thing  because, this world is having majority of just two categories of the people, one who give those tears and another who laugh at them. It’s said that tears are the best way to ease the inner pains, at least a little if not much,  but when you find that even for being in tears for no fault of yours, you would be just laughed at, you keep them stored in those wet eyes who want to cry but don’t dare to . So when you can neither cry nor can stay without doing so, you get a punishment to be alive yet being dead, a punishment of doing just one crime that you are neither a part of the group who gives pains to their beloved without even giving  a damn about the thought that how they would feel to get a knife half stabbed in their heart and soul from their loved ones, thus keeping you alive yet leave you longing for death with every breath nor you are capable to laugh at the tears and pains of those who got this punishment. Since you are part of neither of these two groups but a third and discarded one, a group of those foolish people who still think and believe that’s if you give a promise, you should let your head slay than letting it fail, who give more importance to their beloved and anything related to her than to themselves and who still believe that there is nothing more important than your beloved and her love. It was never a perfect world but it seems, even believing and doing things which were true and correct since the start of this world too, is becoming a crime now a days whose punishment is given by none other than those for whom all this would be done. May be the imperfect world has become complete insane or may be, some has never learned the ways to live in this world and must leave it asap. What is true out of the two things, I truly don’t know.

Though I want to say a lot but I guess I must stop and get some medicine for me first otherwise it would be a lot more tough for me to go for my next session which is just in front of me.


Blogger Jas Bhati said...

speechless....can't believe there are such people also.

April 23, 2011 6:55 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

is it sympathy that you want?

Huh? What the heck that supposed to mean WhiteAngel? Show me where in the post, I have asked for it? Tell you what WhiteAngel, you don't know a darn thing about me so please don't assume something and comment and/or give a verdict. That's a humble request of mine. And just so you know, NEVER in my life I have asked for any help, sympathy from ANYONE neither I would seek it ever from anyone either!


PS:Sorry if I am sounding rude and upset. There is no personal grudge I have with you but still, I won't tolerate a verdict given by someone(anyone) who knows nothing about me. Thanks for stopping by here still.

PSS: Your original comment got somehow deleted while publishing but the content of it is kept in my reply.

May 04, 2011 9:32 AM  
Blogger Kavita said...

Sir apart from being an oracle expert ,trainer ,guru and ACE .... u are a very good poet
truly all your poems are meaningful and sensitive which touch the hearts
thanks for posting such beautiful poems

May 07, 2011 10:38 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...


Thanks for the kind words but neither I am an expert nor a Guru in Oracle. I just happen to know a thing or two about it, that's all. Still, much thanks for so kind words.


May 14, 2011 6:47 PM  

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